Many mums with school-aged kids struggle with trying to ‘do it all’ and feel overwhelmed and out of balance. I help them create space in their schedules and minds so they can enjoy life and not just survive it.

I’m Jenny, and I’d love to be your coach

I can help you feel less hustle and more harmony – I offer support for mums who:

  • Want to pursue a personal goal or interest but feel they don’t have the time or energy
  • Feel guilty when they take time away from their families and other responsibilities to do something that’s ‘just for them’
  • Feel like they’re stuck on a hamster-wheel day-in and day-out
  • Feeling stretched too thin
  • Saying yes to everyone and everything and no to your own goals and dreams
  • Feeling like you are simply making it through the days and not living or enjoying any part of them
  • Being present for your life and actually enjoying it
  • Living a more fulfilled and authentic life without feeling stressed and exhausted
  • Fulfilling your responsibilities without neglecting your dreams and desires
I can help you:
  • Organise and manage your time
  • Simplify your life
  • Set priorities and boundaries
  • Reduce your stress and overwhelm using proven strategies
  • Put practical solutions in place to manage your personal, work and family commitments
  • Create habits that protect your time and energy

I’m currently offering a FREE time and energy saving strategy session – book yours HERE

Jenny x


I’m currently offering a FREE time and energy saving strategy session – book yours HERE

I am also an authorised instructor for Dr Thomas Gordon’s ‘Parent Effectiveness Training’ – each term I run this evidence-based 8 week small group parenting program online via zoom – please email me to learn when the next class starts!


  1. Rose McLennan
    Rose McLennan

    Jenny has been an incredible support to me over the years.
    She has guided me through some very challenging times and continues to do so.
    With her help I have come a long way with all aspects of my life.
    I have lost 18kg since 1st January 2022 and feeling fantastic.
    She has helped me previously with the Covid 19 pandemic and has taught me skills that I will continue to use.
    Jenny is kind, knowledgeable and really wonderful.
    I have been very lucky to have had her help and support.

    11 May 2022 at 9:25 pm
  2. Tricia

    I have loved working with Jenny. Through her gentle guidance and support I have come to realise that I am the best mum for my kids, that it’s okay to have human moments and that when I stop judging myself I can get back in touch with the type of mum I want to be.

    I no longer need my kids to change so I can be happy and feel less stressed. Jenny has helped me accept and love my kids, myself and our relationships more which has taken a huge weight off my shoulders.

    If you are feeling stressed and struggling with showing up as the parent you want to be then I highly recommend working with Jenny. She has been a huge help!

    26 April 2022 at 8:41 pm
  3. Kirsten

    Jenny is amazing, she has guided and Supported me incredibly through some very challenging times. I always feel refreshed light and like I can do anything after I chat with her. Also take so much of my stress away and gives me fresh perspective and you ideas. Usually realising that I’m worthy enough

    23 April 2022 at 5:15 pm

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