Are you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stressed with parenting? Do you want to strengthen your relationship with your child, reduce the yelling and have less mum-guilt? Would you like tips and ideas to improve your child’s behaviour? 

I’m a Parent Coach and Counsellor for women. I help with practical tips, tools and strategies as you navigate the challenges of parenting. I help mums reduce stress and anxiety, and be more confident, calm and in control. My goal is to help you strengthen your connection with your child.

One of my specialties is the relationship of women with their own mum, and the triggers this raises in their life and in their extended relationships. I will help you navigate these difficult family relationships so you can find meaning through these challenges, move forward in parenting your own child and get your life back on track.

I offer a free 20 minute consultation which gives you the opportunity to find out about my services and see how I can assist you.  

Give me a call on 0404 871 195 or email [email protected]