Wisdom is Within offers Mental Health First Aid Training for mums and those within the workforce and community sectors.  These courses are delivered with warmth by Robyn Rottinger, like First Aid Training but for the Mind.

Robyn is a Counselor, Art Therapist and Communication expert, who believes in everyones’ right to better Mental Health. MHFA is now delivered in a self paced e-learning option, with 2 x 2.5 hr face to face web conferencing with me.

It’s a a certificate course that gives Social Workers, Pyschologists and the like, pd points. But more importantly, it educates Mum’s on how to help those important people around them, children, husbands and work colleagues. Teaching you not only the early intervention signs and symptoms of common Mental Health problems in Australia, but what to do when they present themselves, how to help and get help in a confident, down to earth manner. Robyn also works within the fields of Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Aged Care. Let’s end the misinformation and work for a better world.

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