My Mirror brings psychological support into the twenty-first century, delivering a highly accessible, convenient and cost-effective online mental health solution to help all Australians. We’ve worked hard to ensure you no longer have to wait days or weeks to talk to someone. With our readily available online psychologists and 21 hour a day service, we have eliminated most geographical, financial and time-related accessibility barriers that often make it difficult to seek therapy conveniently. Our online psychologists work in line with research-based strategies to help Australians build their psychological resilience, develop stronger relationships, be more productive and become happier within themselves.

Connect with experienced psychologists online, from anywhere, anytime.
My Mirror offers:
– a free first session (no referral required)
– no long wait times
– MHCP medicare rebates for up to 20 sessions
– online access
– 21 hours, 7 days a week support

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