Dr Salena Bhanji is a warm, compassionate & highly experienced Counselling Psychologist and Psychotherapist who has gained clinical experience in the UK, US and Australia since 2001.

Salena works with a broad range of issues including anxiety, OCD, depression, addictions, PD’s, trauma, stress, low self esteem, sleep difficulties as well as parenting, relationship and workplace issues. Her primary focus however is working with eating, weight and body image issues in adults and older adolescents (15+). This includes treatment for eating disorders such as Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, OSFED or ARFID. Salena is professionally trained to use a range of evidence-based treatments.

Therapy and caring for people are two of Salena’s main passions in life and she aims to really listen to each person’s unique experiences in order to tailor therapy to the needs of every individual, as diverse as they may be. She is truly invested in every client’s wellbeing.

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