Gentle Beginnings offers a combination of evidence based practice and holistic natural therapies to optimise nourishment in your baby and regulate their central nervous system. As a Midwife and IBCLC, I aim to help you meet your goals in breastfeeding, sleep and bonding with your baby.

Craniosacral Fascial Therapy (CFT), is gentle bodywork and can be implemented throughout pregnancy, the postpartum period and with your newborn. It aims to help optimise the functioning of your body, releasing any tension in the fascia, which surrounds your brain, spinal column and all the tissues in your body. In adults, we see improvement in pelvic pain, back pain, digestive issues and emotional regulation. In newborns, CFT can help release any trauma from birth or restrictive positioning in utero, which can affect breastfeeding, fussy or unsettled babies or digestive upset. It is especially effective treating babies with tongue tie, and important to implement before and after tongue tie release. 

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