NextGen Test from Genepath Laboratories

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  • The NextGen test from Genepath is the world’s first peer reviewed newborn screening test using next-generation DNA sequencing technology.

    The test is a cutting-edge, highly sophisticated genetic test that is revolutionising family preventive health. It has been developed over a 4-year period in Sydney and puts Australia at the forefront of Next-Generation Sequencing-based tests for serious genetic conditions.

    The test looks for multiple, treatable conditions that can cause problems in babies, children and young adults.

    The test itself is a painless mouth swab, which can be collected by a healthcare professional, or at home by a parent. Swabs are sent in a specially designed kit to Genepath for testing, with all analysis done in Australia.

    The NextGen test uses multiple gene targeted Next-Generation DNA Sequencing to screen for more than 60 genetic conditions, including some of the genetic causes of sudden cardiac death in children and one of the major causes of preventable heart attack in young adults.

    The NextGen test can be used alongside the existing newborn screening test (heel-prick test) offered by all Australian states. Newborns who have both the heel-prick blood test and the NextGen test will have had the most comprehensive newborn screening currently available in Australia.

    Identifying treatable genetic conditions in babies, children and young adults can lead to improved health outcomes into the future.

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