Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialist (expert in high-risk obstetrics)

I offer modern, evidence-based pregnancy care, with an emphasis on great communication and working together to achieve the best for you and your baby. I deliver babies at North Shore Private Hospital and The Mater.

I have higher qualifications and years of experience in both High-Risk Obstetrics and female Pelvic Floor disorders, having completed major fellowships in both of these areas.  My advanced training gives me the expertise to care for every kind of pregnancy, whether your pregnancy is entirely straight-forward or extremely complex.  I am very supportive of vaginal birth but also highly skilled in caesarean section.

I understand that you will have unique wishes and concerns for your pregnancy.  My practice is a friendly, welcoming environment where I encourage you to ask questions and to feel comfortable discussing every aspect of your care.  Good communication is at the heart of my approach, so that you are able to make the best, most informed choices for your pregnancy.

I am also very active in teaching and research. I have published more than 90 scientific papers, written chapters for major medical textbooks, acted as a reviewer for international medical journals and written a guest editorial for the British Medical Journal.  I regularly teach medical students and junior doctors and have been invited to give lectures to GPs, midwives and other obstetricians, both in Australia and internationally.



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  1. Charliemomma87

    We were referred to Dr. Walsh by our obstetrician for our nuchal fold scan. Very knowledgable doctor. Great quality scan with USB and low risk result!! Nice office too.

    23 July, 2015 at 3:42 pm
  2. Anonymous

    I have had several scans here over the past few months. We were originally sent here as we are expecting identical twins and were told that this doctor has a lot of experience with twin pregnancies. I have been very impressed with the quality of the scans and Colin explains everything to you while he does the scan, so you are not left wondering what you are looking at. He was happy to turn the 4D scan on during one of our visits, although the babies were not too co-operative. Would happily recommend to women looking for high quality pregnancy ultrasounds around St. Leonards.

    14 September, 2015 at 1:20 pm
  3. Anonymous

    Dr Walsh has a highly attentive, warm and straight forward manner. This was my second pregnancy after a tricky first and I was dealing with some anxiety but always felt I was in capable hands at all stages of the pregnancy. My delivery was at RNSH public and this included a successful ECV of my breech baby performed by Colin. He takes his time at appointments and scans, we never felt rushed and he spent a great deal of time going over what we needed to. Dr Walsh was very informed and up to date with current research in his field which helped us make decisions or put our minds at ease. His bedside manner was tactful and very respectful compared to my experience with other Obs/Drs. Dr Walsh’s punctuality is also very impressive! Having Nicole always available on the phone or email ready to answer questions was really helpful for me. The office is convenient and much nicer to wait in than a hospital. A wonderful experience throughout!

    27 May, 2016 at 6:56 am
  4. Lauren Viskovich
    Lauren Viskovich

    Why choose Dr Colin Walsh?

    With so many highly recommended obstetricians in the North Shore area, what makes this doctor stand out from the pack?

    Exceptional expertise

    Dr Colin Walsh has worldwide experience in top quality hospitals. He is a gynaecologist, an obstetrician for high risk pregnancy and an advanced obstetric ultrasound specialist. Essentially you are hiring the experience of an exceptionally skilled doctor who eliminates the need to see multiple medical specialists. This is the obstetrician that other obstetricians will refer high risk pregnancies to. Of note, his sister is a paediatrician and as a result he has an extensive knowledge of paediatrics as well.

    Ongoing commitment to the profession

    Dr Walsh’s passion for obstetrics is evident in his commitment to research, advancing the profession to ensure successful outcomes for women and their babies. His academic background is extensive. He was a senior lecturer at Sydney University and he has written many medical research papers, some winning awards. Focusing on the issues that can plague women after pregnancy, he also worked at the pelvic floor department, St George’s hospital for 3 years.

    He cares

    All of the above demonstrates an extraordinary passion for his profession. Dr Walsh is profoundly compassionate towards women in a vulnerable stage of their life. It’s an amazing feeling to have all of that support and expertise when embarking on a scary life journey.

    My experience

    I was fortunate to have a straightforward and healthy pregnancy. I did extensive research on many obstetricians before deciding on Dr Walsh, hence, my knowledge of his professional background. I was already hiring a specialist who dealt with complicated and difficult pregnancies should I need it. An additional bonus was my obstetrician taking the scans for me, so there was no need for visits to other health professionals. While scanning, Dr Walsh could read, communicate everything to me and delve deeper if he required more information. He listened respectfully to my wishes and happily imparted his experience and knowledge when I had questions. Each and every appointment was unhurried, detailed and highly professional, (apart from his frequent rugby banter with my husband!) I doubted my ability to have a VB and to my surprise, it was all possible!

    Should I need to hire his expertise again, I would do so in a heartbeat.

    22 November, 2016 at 8:32 am
  5. Helen Coxall
    Helen Coxall

    If you are looking for a doctor you can trust and feel at ease with, then Dr Colin Walsh is the way to go.

    We felt very happy and relaxed during the pregnancy and delivery knowing we would be given good advice and support.

    We would definitely recommend Dr Colin Walsh to anyone who wants comprehensive support during their pregnancy.

    28 November, 2016 at 3:59 pm
  6. Barbara

    My husband and I enjoyed going to see Dr Walsh during my pregnancy. It was great to see baba on ultrasound each time and be reassured everything was going well. Dr Walsh is very friendly and highly professional. I would certainly recommend his practice to anyone.

    2 February, 2017 at 3:26 pm
  7. Jane G
    Jane G

    Very pleased with the care we received from Dr. Walsh during our recent twin pregnancy. We had a detailed scan at every viist so were happy the twins were being watched carefully! Colin was supportive of our wish for a vaginal birth though Twin A did not get into the correct position and we ended up with a caesar. Would happily recommend Dr Walsh to other pregnant couples.

    16 February, 2017 at 10:34 am
  8. Kate Walls
    Kate Walls

    Doctor Colin Walsh comes highly recommended. He made the entire experience of having my first baby an absolute pleasure. At no point did I feel worried or anxious. His support and knowledge is to be admired. Be sure to check out his qualifications on the wall of his office!! The level of care is very personal which is exactly what I wanted being my first child. I will 100% being returning for my next pregnancies. A very special mention to Nikki, The Clinical Practice Manager – she is an absolute gem. Her efficacy and attention to detail is one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    Absolutely loved dealing with Colin and Nikki!!!

    8 March, 2017 at 10:40 am
  9. Isma

    Dr Colin Walsh is amazing!
    I was pregnant with MCMA (momo) twins, a very high risk pregnancy. The specialist doctor at the ultrasound clinic we went to advised us to terminate our pregnancy because of the high risk nature. We were devastated! Before taking the doctors advice we thought we’d get a second opinion. After doing some google searches we found Shore for Women.
    Colin was a Godsend, he has so much experience and knowledge. He was honest and realistic and at the same time very caring and supportive of whatever we decided. We felt so much at ease and comfortable being under Colin’s care. He is one of a kind.
    I now have 2 healthy little girls at home thanks to Colin.
    I couldn’t recommend Colin and Nikki enough, we are so happy we found them and so grateful for everything they’ve done for us

    14 March, 2017 at 11:58 am
  10. Judy

    Dr Walsh was great – when we found ourselves with a surprise miracle at 45 – he was terrific. Kind, professional, explained everything clearly and was very realistic about the risks but reassuring as well. We thought it all worked out really well and we have a gorgeous 3 month old now who is here very safe and sound due to his care.

    29 April, 2017 at 6:14 pm
  11. KimT

    Dr Walsh is the best obstetrician that any woman could wish for. Not only is he highly intelligent and skilled, he is dedicated and genuine. As with many of his patients I had a stressful and complicated pregnancy but I was still able to enjoy the journey. Every appointment we had with Dr Walsh we felt we learned something new and this made us feel empowered and rest assured in his abilities and knowledge. And while he is informative, Dr Walsh is really down to earth and easy going. We shared many laughs despite the stresses. What I really admired about Dr Walsh is that for someone so accomplished and well regarded by his peers, he is first and foremost protective of his patients. He will tell you plainly (but gently) if you’re wasting your time and money on gimmicks or snake oil. He doesn’t at all care for self promotion and in fact would probably be embarrassed at all these gushing testimonials.
    His practice manager, Dr Nicole Lees, is lovely to communicate with. She is intelligent, dedicated and caring. when researching for a new ob (my previous had retired and I was convinced he was irreplaceable) I contacted 3 other obs via their office. Nikki replies to my list of questions was comprehensive and speedy (the others either didn’t reply or didn’t bother to answer each question in full). She, too, would be embarrassed by my public compliments.
    I’m not at all into social media and posting comments or reviews but I’ve been so impressed by Dr Walsh and Nikki that I feel it’s necessary for me to “share” them with other women hoping to become mums or adding to their families.

    14 May, 2017 at 11:27 am
  12. KAtherine

    Dr Walsh is amazing! I felt really comfortable with him right from the start, he obviously has a lot of experience and knowledge but he was also so nice and funny, it made me much more relaxed than I otherwise would have been. He always had time to answer my questions and reassure me, which was pretty important to me as a first-timer. I can’t recommend him enough!

    13 July, 2017 at 5:06 pm
  13. Helen

    I can’t speak highly enough of Dr Colin Walsh. He’s a fabulous and extremely knowledgeable obstetrician who came highly recommended to us by some friends who are doctors. I have some longstanding health problems that made me high risk for pregnancy. My friends told us that Dr Walsh is well known in the hospital as the doctor to go to for high risk pregnancy and that a lot of doctors go to him themselves. He’s also just a really lovely person. I felt very lucky to have found him!

    7 August, 2017 at 3:02 pm
  14. Eva Gardner
    Eva Gardner

    My Husband and I can’t speak highly enough of Dr Colin Walsh!

    Dr Walsh was recommended to us by our family GP’s Son, who is also an Obstetrician and also by many other health professionals.

    We lost our third Son in 2016, who was stillborn at 36 weeks and so finding an Obstetrician who could give us the confidence that we could have a successful pregnancy and delivery was critical.

    Dr Walsh is an amazing scientist/researcher, along with being fun, intelligent, caring and empathetic (which after the loss of a baby was so important to us). I remember talking about a detail of our sad previous pregnancy and dropping a few tears and Dr Walsh patted me on my shoulder and that was very comforting, which is all I needed at that time.

    His expertise is never ending, as well as his cutting edge scanning equipment to make you reassured every time you see your baby on the screen. We can honestly say that the scans were so much clearer and in more detail than the scans in our previous pregnancies.

    Dr Walsh also has always time for questions! We never felt rushed in our visits and consultations. I always had ready a list of questions including supplements and ideas from all different websites and Colin always took the time to answer them with research based answers and no question was silly to him.

    I was also very impressed by his ‘extra touches’. Every visit he would let my 3.5 year old be his assistant in taking my blood pressure, which made it fun for all of us. I also can’t speak highly enough about his post care where he would change my dressings himself (most of other obstetricians don’t, as mentioned by a midwife, who also said how caring he was), and came to see me 4 out of 5 days in hospital after the delivery of our baby girl.

    We are so grateful to Dr Walsh for bringing our little Girl into the World and cannot recommend him highly enough!

    30 August, 2017 at 11:36 am
  15. Danielle

    Dr Walsh is a wonderful obstetrician, and my husband and I can not speak highly enough of him and Nicole. Having suffered a number of miscarriages prior to this pregnancy we were very nervous. Dr Walsh immediately made us feel at ease and set out a structured plan for managing my pregnancy, including a CVS and regular (at some stages weekly and fortnightly) scans.

    Having to undergo a CVS was incredibly nerve racking for me and my husband, however the care and attention provided by Dr Walsh and Nicole was outstanding. I felt truely relaxed and in safe hands.

    During my labour it was decided that I would require an assisted delivery. Dr Walsh’s calm and authoritative manor were so reassuring and comforting. I was able to remain calm and enjoy the process of bringing my son into the world.

    I cannot thank Dr Walsh and Nicole enough for their support and care throughout my pregnancy, labour, and postnatal care.

    2 November, 2017 at 8:58 pm
  16. Tam

    My husband and I were very happy with the care we received from Dr Walsh and his team during our first pregnancy. Professional, approachable and calm in manner, Dr Walsh (along with his team Lisa and Nicole) always made time to answer our questions, address our concerns and put us at ease. There were a couple of risk factors during our pregnancy and Dr Walsh was always up-to-date on the latest medical treatment and management options. It was also so wonderful to see bub on ultrasound at every appointment, such a really special experience. In the end we had an difficult delivery due to bub’s presentation/positioning but it was made the best it could possibly be in Dr Walsh’s experienced hands, and the time and opportunity Dr Walsh gave us to debrief afterwards was invaluable. We are so grateful to Dr Walsh for bringing our little one safely into the world!

    15 June, 2018 at 4:24 pm

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