Our mission is simple at Optimus Care: to support you, empower you, and celebrate your uniqueness.

At Optimus Care, we understand that navigating the NDIS can sometimes feel like deciphering a complex puzzle. We’re here to be your guiding light, making your NDIS journey as seamless and empowering as possible.

Who We Are

At Optimus Care, we are dedicated to transforming lives through personalised disability support. Our mission is to empower individuals with disabilities to live fulfilling lives filled with independence, choice, and control.

With our compassionate team of professionals and a tailored approach to care, we offer a range of personalised services, including personal care, social support, and community access, tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

Why Choose Us

Understand Your NDIS Plan: We know that every NDIS plan is as unique as the individuals it serves. Our friendly team work closely with you to demystify the intricacies of your plan, ensuring you grasp its full potential and use your funding effectively.

Personalised, Compassionate Care: We celebrate individuality. Your needs and preferences are at the heart of our services. Our compassionate support workers are not just professionals; they’re understanding, patient, and committed to making you feel valued and heard.

Active in Your Local Community: We are not just a service provider; we’re an active member of your local community. We understand your unique needs and the dynamics of this area, and we’re here to provide you with the tailored support you deserve.

Support for Families: We know that your journey is a family journey, and we collaborate closely to help you navigate the world of disability support. We know that your family’s wellbeing is your top priority, and it’s ours too. With us, you’ll find a partner who is not just a service provider but a compassionate ally on your journey.

Our commitment: We want to see you and your loved ones thrive!

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