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Business Category: Home Maintenance & Tradies and Home Organisation

  • Are there things you never have time to do?

    Georgie established Clutterfly in 2013, is one of a handful of Accredited Expert Professional Organisers in Sydney and during the last 6yrs has helped over 265 families. She is empathetic to the needs of mums & understands that having kids can be demanding no-matter how organised you try to be.

    Clutterfly will focus on establishing functionality within your home – the end result is more harmonious living so that your home is truly your haven. Clutterfly provides help with decluttering & implementing personalised organising solutions to stay on top of clutter, kids things & of course the paper piles! We take the stress out of a full and busy household & help you reclaim the time you would rather be spending with your kids.

    Book a session to ‘Tame The’ Paper Piles | Toys | Pantry | Clothes

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    2 Reviews on “Clutterfly Home Organisation”

    1. Tegan Johnston Clutterfly Home Organisation
      Overall Rating:

      Georgie from Clutterfly has had a huge impact on my day to day life as a stay at home mum. I felt I was drowning in housework and unable to get to the big tasks I wanted and needed to do or put processes in place to support our busy lifestyle. Georgie not only helps with the planning and process building, she actually helps you undertake the task of sorting/throwing/cleaning up with you.
      Georgie is kind, hard working, non-judgemental and flexible to the needs of her client and I would recommend her to anyone needing the motivation to de-clutter.
      Thank you Georgie!

    2. Molly Clutterfly Home Organisation
      Overall Rating:

      Absolutely loved Georgie and clutterfly and the results she gives – friendly, professional, thorough, observant and a hard worker. Over 3 sessions she transformed my house removing the clutter and making everything accessible compensating for my disability. I sat down while she went through my wardrobe, Children’s wardrobes, paper work, room, bathroom cupboard, linen cabinet, storage,under the sink etc etc. the best gift ever – I would definitely recommend Georgie and use her again!

    3. Katherine, Wahroonga Clutterfly Home Organisation

      I had a wonderful day with Georgie. She was so helpful. She gave me so many ideas of ways to organise my home more efficiently and worked with me to create a much better system of organising our toys. I learnt so much and I feel very empowered to attack the rest of the house and change the way I approach organising our home. I would recommend Georgie to anyone who feels their home and their life could work more effectively and no longer wants to feel out of control. Thank you Georgie!!

    4. Penny, Lindfield Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Georgie is great! Practical advice to fix things on your own (solutions you wouldn’t think of yourself) and also willing to get stuck into the things you’ve been putting off! After a day with Georgie I felt like I’d achieved so much and was motivated to do more.

    5. Taylor, St Ives Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Thank you Clutterfly for organising our home and suggesting systems to put in place to maintain our home organised going forward. Our living areas are much more functional and clutter free since your last visit. The kids absolutely love their craft and play areas as they can now quickly find what they need and it’s so easy for them to put things away that they actually do it instead of leaving things laying around. I am so grateful for your help as it took only a few days to accomplish what I was trying to do on my own for at least 6 months.

    6. SusieC Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Georgie at Clutterfly was such a fantastic help. for me and my family,.I am a time poor mum with 2 busy boys and a busy job as well. Georgie and I worked as a team, moving from parts of the house I use all the time (manging paper, bills, school work, my work and kids activities) to parts of the house we hadn’t touched since we moved into the house (boxes of technology and Christmas decorations.) Georgie worked hard and still took the time to work out what was important to us as a family. By the end, she felt like part of the family! Georgie was efficient, fast working and helped get our house into a much more pleasant place to live.

    7. Anne Millard Clutterfly Home Organisation

      I was time poor and unorganised. Having Georgie come to the home helped me bring order to my home. I call her the ‘beez kneez’.. after the first session I felt like i’d won lotto, i’d only wished I done it sooner. It’s great spending more time with my daughter now and less time on my home.

    8. Yvette, Turramurra Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Georgie was fantastic to work with and did a great job of keeping me on track. We now have a workable system for all the paper and I’ll be getting her back soon to help with other household clutter. Highly recommended!

    9. Natalie Roodenburg Clutterfly Home Organisation

      I can highly recommend Clutterfly. My husband and I run a business from home and our home office was in a state of disarray prior to Georgie coming over. We were up to our necks in paperwork and had no efficient way of moving paperwork through the office. It just kept piling up. Now, since having Georgie and Clutterfly, we have a well-organised, clutter-free office and both of us love working in there. Thanks to Georgie, we now have a really good system in place for invoices, bills and other mail and our business runs much more efficiently because of it. She gave us some invaluable tips to keeping a clutter-free space and we couldn’t have done it without her!

    10. Natasha McHattan Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Thank you SO much Georgie! The fact I am here at my desk typing away this review if all thanks to you! The Clutterfly touch has helped us put in place a system which is allow my husband and I to better manage our work and parenting loads and we are slowly getting on the track to a new and more organised approach.
      Georgie was supportive and patient and helped us come up with a system which works for us and our lives.
      I will definitely be getting her back in to help with some other “problem” areas.

    11. Naomi Reiter Clutterfly Home Organisation

      Thanks so much for your help Georgie. I know I still have more to sort through but I am so stoked last year’s tax stuff is done now and there is somewhere for all that paperwork to live and be functional…You made that challenge virtually instant! I can’t believe we got through it all and there’s no way I could have successfully done it without you. I can’t tell you how relieved I am now I don’t have all that paperwork hanging over my head. Even my 8 year old commented after this little exercise that I was exceptionally happy. Either I’ve been a right grump (possible!!) or I felt I’d really accomplished something. Maybe it’s a combination of both 🙂 Suffice to say, not only the overhanging tax headache is gone, but it’s also taken with it the overdue BAS reports. Now a few weeks on, I am still keeping up the systems we put in place and they are making life SO much easier…and hopefully I’m now off the tax man’s radar!

    12. Charlotte Jameson Clutterfly Home Organisation

      This is the second time Georgie has breezed into our chaos of a home and created a sanctuary.

      The first time we were living in a house with very little storage. My husband and I both justified to ourselves that we were too busy living our lives to do anything about it. Working long hours and constant travel meant that any time on the weekend was spent trying to unwind, re-connect or doing something fun.

      In she came, no fuss, no judgement and with that beautiful inquisitive look that reaches my conscious…do you really need this?

      Because of our lack of storage, Georgie cleverly suggested how we could turn furniture we already had into ideal storage. Magic. As we were open to it, she was really helpful with the purchasing of some new items as well.

      Before she came, I didn’t realise how much a visit from the ‘Clutterfly’ was worth. But the sanity, the calm and the organisation I have enjoyed after her visit, was the best therapy I’ve ever invested in.

      As our circumstances changed we found ourselves moving into a small unit with a baby only a couple of months away. With our strict budget we found a way to involve Georgie. I found I had picked up so many tips from her first visit so managed to make a great start by myself. What Georgie was able to help me with was the kitchen set up. Everything is so incredibly accessible…I actually use everything I own now. She knew of little storage options that only the professionals know of. What made it so easy was I didn’t have to go out and buy anything, she had all the options with her already. This meant the job was completed immediately with no unfinished work. Next she’s going to help us with our paperwork, because right now it makes me physically sick thinking about it all and the space it takes up.

      Do yourself a favour and speak to Georgie to find out how she will help you.