Efficiency is key. Backed by science, our 50 minute workouts combine the best of HIIT with the full-body conditioning of reformer pilates.

First timers enjoy 14-Days UNLIMITED REFORMER PILATES for only $50, with more than 55 classes on our St Leonards timetable each week.

All bookings made online at, and FREE 2hr parking nearby at Hume Street Carpark.

Our new studio located at 9 Atchison Street, St Leonards, offers the ultimate boutique reformer experience, with 14 state of the art (made in Mount Kuring-Gai from 99% Australian made materials) Pilates Equip reformers; and a private studio complete with Trapeze table, Wunda Chair, Barrel Arc and TRX. Our designated Stretch area and massage therapy room ensure you’ll leave stronger, and rejuvenated.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves working out as hard as you can for a short period of time, resting briefly, and then going hard again for a set number of rounds. Why? Because this method of training ensures you burn the maximum amount of calories in your workout, and then continue to burn calories as your body recovers – otherwise known as afterburn.

We start each class with 12 minutes of HIIT and follow on with a whole body reformer workout to sculpt strong, lean muscles and improve core stability.

No two classes are exactly the same so you’re never bored and will continue to see results.

We know back-to-back days might work for your schedule so we alternate our cardio (SWEAT) days and resistance (STRENGTH) days to allow muscle groups to rest while your body keeps moving! On SYNERGY Saturdays we combine the two to put you through the ultimate challenge.

Don’t forget to add a STRETCH class or two, to your schedule each week. These 50-minute classes start with 30 minutes of full-body, high-intensity reformer, and finish with 20 minutes of stretching – both on and off the bed. The perfect way to balance your tired body and mind.

For our pregnant clients, and new mums, our Pre & Postnatal classes combine modified strength and cardio HIIT exercises, along with full-body reformer, whilst keeping mum and bub safe. Please note, our pregnant and postnatal clients can still attend our STRENGTH, SWEAT, SYNERGY and STRETCH classes… We will happily modify ALL our classes for their needs – these Pre & Postnatal classes are an additional offering for mums, and mums-to-be.


FIRST CLASS FREE use promo code HIIT_FREE at the checkout when buying a drop-in class.


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