GLS is a boutique coaching school, established in 2018. We are driving young talents to achieve their best academic excellence and great leadership through us. We offer various courses which are catered to student’s needs to provide drastic improvements in results and learning. GLS offers interactive and informative lessons which are engaging and enlightening lessons for students through group and one to one lessons. We proudly offer friendly coaches and staff with outstanding backgrounds, graduating from top selective and private high schools in Sydney, such as James Ruse, Sydney Grammar and Kings and superb results for HSC, IB. 

GLS was originally founded as a debating based centre, offering special programs such as News & Public Speaking for Kindergarten – Year 2 Students to help the students to have a smooth transition into school life. For primary school and high school students, we offer intensive courses with engaging topics for students to unleash their creative potential. Debates being teamwork, students will acquire skills in brainstorming their ideas with team members and speak according to the role of speakers for debates.

This course will expand critical thinking – be able to structure speech logically and deliver one’s point by listening to the opponent’s viewpoints. Language techniques are learned to polish their speeches.

We also proudly offer English courses as well as programs that are more directed to certain topics in English, such as Writing.

Our main classes are English group or one on one classes for every year grade, catering to different tests and results such as selective, scholarship and even HSC. From year 10, we provide preliminary English courses and HSC catered courses to help students through the HSC course. We also provide one on one support to secure an immediate boost in student’s results by providing help to prepare and polish school assessments! 

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