Established in 2001, Motiv8sports is the result of hard-work, dedication and a desire to motivate youth through sport. Our incredible team of franchisees, coaches and staff are the driving force of Motiv8sports, using their experience, knowledge and energy to inspire the next generation.

Since we started, over 100,000 children have experienced Motiv8sport’s energy, passion and exhilaration, and many campers who took part in our programs in kindergarten now work as adult coaches at our sports events.

Our unique events packages and innovative array of activities have been developed and refined over 16 years. We’ve built a cutting-edge brand with influences from street, surf and skate cultures that appeals directly to our target market.

Sports Camps

Our super fun, super engaging multi-sport day camps are the heart and soul of the Motiv8sports system. These daytime events are designed for kids from kindergarten to year six. They range from two to three-day events and occur between the hours of 8.30am to 3.30pm daily. We design our sports events for all abilities and focus on the energy and effort rather than a child’s sporting ability.

Kids who attend Motiv8sports Camps learn about teamwork and sportsmanship in an environment fuelled by great leadership and constant motivation. Just ask the kids who’ve been coming to our camps for close to 16 years!
Motiv8sports campers are treated like superstars and our safety and supervision is second to none. We take sport and maximum participation to a new level with our innovative array of trademark sports.

All our Motiv8sports multi-sports camps take place at brilliant facilities that provide your kids with a true Motiv8sports experience.


Our range of sports clinics provide an opportunity for kids to take place in longer programs where they will learn new skills and develop healthier lifestyle habits. Each clinic we run has an emphasis on fun and inclusion, yet teaches children important skills that will be invaluable when it comes to participating in competitive sports


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