Kids learn through adventure and the best are had outdoors – this is the guiding philosophy of Adventure Camp, and all the programs we develop. 

We started our school holiday camps firstly at Chowder Bay, Mosman in 2016. We started this simply because we couldn’t find a holiday program for our own kids that really fit with what we wanted. No Screens. Fun. Outdoors. Making New Friends.

Basically, we wanted our kids to experience outdoor play the way we did.  Ok, it’s not going to be quite the same (no more riding your bike to 10 different houses to see who is home), but we try and keep our programs pretty close – with activities that fire the imagination, keep kids active and improve their social skills and confidence.

Since starting, our original program, Adventure Camp, has expanded to new locations at Northbridge, Balmoral, Greenwich, Cockatoo Island and most recently, North Head, Manly.  We’ve also developed new programs – like Adventure Pro (for kids who have grown out of our original camps), and Adventure Island (for parents who want to join in). 

Through all our programs, we keep coming back to that simple goal – No Kids Left Inside.


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