Bridges to Music is music education for 2-8yr olds in its most comprehensive and joyous form. A well tuned ear, body and singing voice are essential for a child’s musical development.

We sing, we move expressively and rhythmically, we discover the wonders of sound and rhythm and we use age appropriate instruments.

Each class is age specific guided by the children’s expected starting year at school.

This is a developmental and sequential program which explores the expression and artistry in music as well as all the fundamentals that are required if a child is to learn an instrument or just develop an innate understanding music.

Music education is a wonderful way to help your child’s comprehensive development. When effectively taught engages both sides of the brain simultaneously.

The children and the parents love it and many professional musicians bring their children to the program, many of whom stay in the program all the way through. Bridges to Music has a very proud history of maintaining the integrity of the best in music education and of the outcomes for the children.

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