At One Tao Kung Fu Academy we specialise in internal martial arts.

We teach a unique meditative approach to Wing Chun Kung Fu and Grappling.

The difference between internal and external arts, is that our internal approach focuses on balancing the body, using correct biomechanics, energy ‘chi’ work, building a calm, confident and powerful mind for longevity and happiness.

Our approach combines practical self defence skills, correct posture, balance, bio mechanics, fitness, the use of the energy body (chi body), focus, meditation, mindset and intention into a devastating fighting system and spiritually uplifting martial art.

Our greatest passion is teaching kids.

Through our Martial Arts and Meditation classes,  kids learn the following:

  • How to Defend themselves in realistic street situations
  • Build Confidence
  • Build self discipline and resilience
  • Calm the mind
  • Balance the emotions
  • Build Internal and physical strength
  • Correct posture

If you are interested for yourself, our adults classes work on helping you to achieve the same.

We offer both kids and adults a free trial session so that you can come in and experience the training for yourself.

Please contact us if you would like to book in a session.


Sifu John and Team

One Tao Kung Fu and Meditation Academy 


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