Give your child the best start by learning a new language! Why not French? More than just flare, French is also predominant around the world, being the third language used in business and trade around the world.
As a native speaker, I can ensure you that your child will not only learn the basic of the French language but also develop correct pronunciation. They will also get a true insight of the French culture.
To captivate children’s attention, I use interactive and fun resources. This includes puppets, books, videos.  But as lessons need to be more than just fun, I base my teaching methods on the use of sign language, which enhance memorisation stimulated by auditive, visual and sensoriel stimuli.
Throughout my lessons, the children will acquire a range of vocabulary  around various thematics and begin to understand key grammatical points. We aim to progressively extend child’s knowledge in order for them to be able to create their own sentences.


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  1. Marie Liang
    Marie Liang

    Roxane is always enthusiastic and I love going to her class every week. We learn a lot of songs to help us remember things and I like getting a sheet to take home after class. I would recommend Roxane’s French class because everyone is friendly and it is so much fun!
    Lily, 11 years old

    7 January, 2020 at 4:58 pm

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