Are you a busy Mumma-to-be who is struggling to find the time to go to weekly antenatal classes (or perhaps yours have been cancelled in recent times because of Coronavirus precautions)? 

Here at Birth Beat, we’ve got you covered with our premium online antenatal classes, designed to help you feel calm, prepared and totally ready to rock your best birth!

Hey there! My name is Edwina. I’m a Registered Midwife and founder of Birth Beat. I’ve delivered 100’s of bubs and worked with 1000’s of parents to help them prepare for their best birth.

We’re here to share everything you need to know to feel less scared and more prepared for childbirth. And no, we’re not talking about my personal opinions about what you ‘should do’. We’re all about evidence-based, non-biased, up-to-date information shared in a super-inclusive, easy to understand format.

Not only are our online antenatal classes educational. They’re fun! You’re meant to enjoy this exciting stage of your life Mumma and we want to help guide you through it in the most straightforward, practical way possible. We are considered the ultimate one-stop-shop for expecting parents.

You can watch and re-watch our content on your phone, iPad or PC. Whether you’re in transit, at home even in bed #winning.

Plus, you can watch as many times as you like and it includes;

  • Exercises to prepare your body for a faster and more comfortable birth
  • Why imagining a ‘coffee plunger’ is key to understanding your labour
  • Pain relief options and what they mean for you and your baby
  • Natural pain relief options
  • What the ‘cascade of intervention’ is and how it can impact your birth
  • How to know when you’re in labour
  • The stages of labour and what each one looks and feels like
  • When to go to the hospital or call your care provider
  • The best labour and birthing positions to try
  • Understand the role of your hormones in labour and how you can work with them
  • Exactly what you need to pack in your labour bag
  • Pregnancy safe yoga, guided meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Why you should create a Birth Wish List, not a Birth Plan
  • Complete guide to breastfeeding
  • Sleep and settling techniques to make those first days and weeks that much easier
  • Plus, hear from real Birth Beat parents like Jess and Saul…

Jess, Saul and Baby Tibor Bourke

“Saul and I are proud to announce that baby Tibor has arrived.

We had the birth experience we were hoping for – no drugs were needed and Tibor is doing very well.

Your course gave us a lot of confidence going into labour. Everything went so smoothly – I called Saul home from work (1.5hours away) at the right time, got to the hospital at 4cm dilated, “relaxed” in the bath them moved to the fitball. 


Saul was fantastic, tirelessly massaging my back (the area that I wanted massaging changed constantly throughout each contraction), getting me ice and putting cold cloths on my neck. 

I don’t think we could have had such a great experience without your class. I will definitely be recommending Birth Beat to anyone expecting a baby!

Thank you,

Jess Bourke”


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