Mindful View
Providing meditation and mindfulness training to equip clients with foundational skills, and a sound science-based understanding of how meditation and mindfulness works, both psychologically and physiologically.

We are passionate about introducing meditation to people from all ages and walks of life. Learn skills to develop your own practice (or group practice) and experience the benefits for yourself.

Purpose: Meditate for a better future today.

Vision: Enrich lives by sharing the power of meditation and mindfulness. Be part of a ripple effect which flows out to the collective and benefits all living beings and our planet. 

Mission: Provide meditation and mindfulness training to organisations, individuals, community groups, and children using techniques that are practical, science based and secular, and designed to fit into your life in a way that works for you.

About Ken
Ken Bevan is a qualified meditation and mindfulness teacher. He holds an Advanced Certificate in Teaching and Guiding Meditation and Mindfulness with ACMM and is an accredited teacher with Meditation association of Australia. 

Ken experienced meditation early in life through the practice of Tai Chi. After an extended hiatus, he took up meditation and mindfulness to help build resilience and improve focus and performance to support him in a senior leadership role.

As the benefits of meditation and mindfulness percolated through Ken’s life, his aspirations began to shift and a deep longing to serve others continued to grow. Mindful View was established as the vehicle for helping others by sharing the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

“One of the great benefits of meditation and mindfulness is the positive impact on all aspects of life. Meditation at home will translate into benefits in work life and vice versa“, says Ken. 

”I experienced better mental, emotional and physical health and this made me a better leader. I was calmer, more focused and was able to be more present with the team. I found the same was true in my home-life – even at the end of a stressful day, I felt more present with my kids enabling me to be a more effective parent and a better partner to my wife” said Ken. 

Prior to becoming a meditation and mindfulness teacher, Ken was a senior leader in the Greenlife industry. In 2011 he received the NGINA National Young Leader award, and in 2013 graduated from Macquarie Business School with a Masters of Management (Finance). Ken originally came from a technical background in Horticulture and continues to have a great appreciation for nature and the environment. 

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