For kids we have “Ninja Kids” programs and fitness classes.

This is more than just learning how to punch and kick!

Ninjas classes have specialized curricula catering for 3-17 year olds.

These programs are age appropriate and deal with situations young people might encounter. These range from having self control to keep hands and feet to themselves, to dealing with mean kids the smart way, to stranger danger, to going out with friends.

Programs build confidence, aid in resisting peer pressure and encourage a positive mental attitude. There is improved coordination, physical fitness, concentration and self-control. Parents of current students remark on the healthy blend of discipline, respect and fun in classes. Please visit for more details.

For busy mums there are one-off, 2 hour Self Defence Workshops. These are run every couple of months. Unlike regular martial arts classes that focus solely on physical techniques, we cover the full spectrum of self defence skills. We work on specific scenarios, learn and practice conflict avoidance strategies, psychological preparation – including dealing with fear and stress, verbal de-escalation skills, effective physical techniques and much more.

About 10 of these small group sessions have been run in the last 2 years – and 100% of participants reported that they felt more confident and more competent in their ability to defend themselves after the Workshop.

For mums or dads who are interested in ongoing self defence training – you can do that too!

For more information about FunFit’s Fitness, Self Defence and Personal Training options for adults – please visit


Kids Classes: Free trial class!

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