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Beauty is within us all. At Asterie Clinic we view it as our goal to expose, maintain and refine your beauty, and join you on your journey towards becoming your best self. Our approach is integrity-centric, meaning that we will only offer you treatments that work and are in your best interests, as backed by scientific-research and experience. Beauty often lies within the subtleties and at Asterie Clinic we aim to spend the time to get to know your concerns, to recognise the subtleties and put together a plan that allows you to achieve your goals. We are able to offer you a multitude of treatment options ranging from cosmetic lasers, to injectables, to surgical options such as liposuction and hair transplantation.

Some treatments we offer include:

anti-wrinkle injections


thread lifting


hair transplantation

vampire facial

hair loss treatments

fat dissolving injections

Dr Rafael was trained in the art of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers by renowned British cosmetic injector Dr Raj Acquilla. He travelled to Spain to refine his FUE hair transplantation skills with ISHRS vice-president and award-winning Dr Jimenez Acosta. In California, Dr Rafael had the pleasure of learning from the inventor of tumescent liposuction, Dr Jeffrey Klein, who’s innovative techniques allowed liposuction to be performed in a safer, more effective manner while the patient is awake. Dr Rafael has been trained in advanced Vaser liposuction and fat transfers to the butt, breast and face in Bologna, Italy. In Italy, he was trained by the co-author of the most widely published liposuction book for doctors, Professor Alberto di Giuseppe.


50% off your first laser or pelleve treatmentPatient must be suitable for treatment which is decided on consultation. For the purposes of this promotion, your consultation with a doctor will be provided for free excludes fractional ablative Pixel laser

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