Hello! We’re Monkey Baa!

We are an Australian theatre company empowering young people to shape their lives through inspiring, imaginative theatre and creative experiences. We create, present and tour performances powered by imagination, bringing eye-opening ideas and boundless fun.

What we mean by ‘theatre experiences’

We put on our incredible shows all across Australia and Internationally – from big cities to small country towns – but theatre is much more than just a performance! It’s sharing a connection with a room of friends and strangers – together, experiencing important stories about this country’s rich history and beyond. It’s ideas that challenge and inspire young people, wherever they live or how old they are, to experience new perspectives and emotions and ways of thinking.

And we also believe in getting young people involved behind-the-scenes through learning programs and workshops, so they can discover something new, have fun and see their ideas and voices reflected on stage.

The Power of Play

To us, ‘play’ is the most wonderful and effective way to inspire and empower young people with empathy, creativity, confidence and connection.

It can be so many things! It’s exploring every corner of our imaginations. It’s getting involved, away from a screen, meeting new friends and trying new things. It’s thinking in different ways and trying out fresh ideas.

Sometimes it means monkeying around and sometimes it’s being serious, but it’s always about being respectful and fun.

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