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CryoDefine: We road-test ‘fat freezing’!

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As much as we’re encouraged to love the skin we’re in, after one or more children many women feel there’s a few things they’d like to change about their bodies. And with so many potions and lotions on the market to help, one curious NSM went along to try a revolutionary treatment- CryoDefine fat freezing! 

One thing I’ve always disliked that you can’t “spot lose” weight. Whatever I weigh, my belly is always more cumbersome than the rest of me. It’s never nice when people ask when the baby is due, especially considering she’s TWO. The only baby on board now could be named Pizza! So when I had the chance to try a new way to change my shape, I said “Sign me up!”


CryoDefine: The treatment

  • CryoDefine is a non-invasive, non-surgical, spot fat reduction treatment, sometimes known as Fat Freezing!
  • The recommended course is between three and six sessions, but to my amazement I saw results after just one.
  • It takes under an hour. It’s perfect for mums – because it’s non surgical, there are no long recovery times. My procedure took under an hour and I could get back to the business of mummy-ing right after.
  • It’s designed for people with stubborn little pocket of fat that just won’t go away (like my aforementioned belly) rather than aiming for overall weight loss.

Targeting the tummy: The treatments are designed to help ‘spot reduce’

Before and after: After one treatment there was a noticeable difference

How it works

The high-tech machine, shipped directly from Korea, has two giant rectangular suction cups. They suck in as much fat as they can handle and then slowly freeze it to -10 degrees. This is important – there are other machines out there that only freeze to -8 degrees, but you need to get to -10 to get the real effects. At this temperature, at least 20% of your fat cells are destroyed, killed, kaput! Over the next month or so your body will dispose of them (ie you pee them out).

Three to six treatments are generally recommended, but the company says people do see great results after the first three. For me, just one treatment was enough to reveal a clear reduction and a different silhouette.

The high-tech machine has two giant rectangular suction cups that attach to your chosen area

At this temperature, at least 20% of your fat cells are destroyed, killed, kaput!

What does it feel like?

For some people it might be uncomfortable, but I am one of those people who loves the cold! The worst I can say is that it felt weird. Getting your fat sucked into a machine feels odd, but if you’ve ever had cupping done, you’ll know a similar feeling. Even if you have any discomfort, it’s short-lived as the area goes numb quickly. I was expecting a freezer burn sensation, but this wasn’t even close. It took 45 minutes, and then I was done!

Immediately after removing the cups, the area looked like I had two giant purple hickies about the size of a $5 bill. It wasn’t painful in the least and the marking went down very quickly. Within an hour, I was left with a couple of faint 20-cent sized hickies, and these were gone in a couple of days.

Undergoing the treatment was a futuristic experience!

The cups are painless (if a little cold!) and numb the area being treated

Immediately after removing the cups, the area looked like this

Did it work?

The million-dollar question! The lovely people at Australian Skin Clinics kept my expectations in line with the results I could realistically expect after just one session (usually, a client has between three and six treatments). Each application only removes 20% of the fat cells, and I had more than a handful of fat so would need to come back if I wanted more defined results. But even after just one hour treatment, my tummy was ‘tucked’ and I felt lighter and leaner.

I’m not the best at following orders, so I can’t say I stuck too closely to the post-treatment guidelines which suggested drinking loads of water, keeping the carbs, sweets, junk food and booze down plus doing some regular exercise. Despite this, and despite the fact I only had one session (instead of six) I saw obvious, immediate results (see images). Of course, my keg didn’t immediately turn into a six pack, but I got definite centimeters off my measurements without doing a single Step class!

This treatment isn’t the cheapest option, but it’s a lot less pricey than going under the knife. Australian Skin Clinics also offer ZipPay and bulk deals so it can be a manageable cost if you opt for the full course. And in my experience, the treatment genuinely works, it isn’t painful, it doesn’t have lasting negative effects, so it’s money you can be confident is being well spent.

I was unhappy with my stomach shape post-childbirth (she’s two!)

After one treatment I could see a clear change in my shape

What you need to know:

In keeping with the theme of Australian Skin Clinics doing their best to look after the safety of their clients, there are a few things you should know before treatment and unfortunately, a few people that can’t have the treatment.

  • You should avoid this treatment when having your period as it increases blood flow
  • You can exercise as normal beforehand; after a treatment you should avoid heavy-duty work outs for the rest of the day, like running or going to a spin class. Light exercise and normal life activities are fine; I was still able to pick up my daughter with no problems and another client did the walk from Queenscliff to Shelley Beach after her session
  • They won’t treat you if you have any serious skin irritations like sunburn, dermatitis or eczema, have had recent surgery, scarring or have a history of hernias in the area being treated, have a pacemaker, defibrillator or other electronic device implanted, are using antibiotics, or have some very rare bleeding or circulation disorders.
  • It’s recommended that mums wait six months after giving birth before starting treatment.
  •  For a few weeks afterwards, I felt some unusual sensations in the treated area. A few little twangs and twitches, a little like the first time you feel your baby move, or a mild cramp. It felt tender for a few days afterwards but then totally fine.

In the scheme of things, it’s great to know that Australian Skin Clinics have an alternative to liposuction surgery that is pain free, non-invasive, non-surgical and cost effective. And my results speak for themselves.

Disclaimer: Our reviewer was provided with a free treatment in return for her honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are her own and not influenced by the company or its affiliates in any way.

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