Celebrating 20,000 members! The ‘real’ learnings…


To celebrate reaching 20,000 members in our Facebook group, we asked members to share the best things they’ve learnt from North Shore Mums… and the responses were not only insightful, but many quite hilarious! Here are the top responses… 

Top 5 Answers (as voted by you)

Joanne Church: To get my son to try cabbage by telling him it would make him fart ?

Justine Elbourn: I’ve learnt that out of 20,000 members NO ONE has worked out how to easily navigate the MyGov/Centrelink website!

Karen Connell: From the NSM community I’ve learnt so many new acronyms that I could write a book! ? It all started when I was TTC ? another DD or a DS and I was told to get a FRER and POAS ?since AF was MIA after DH & I DTD ?! So lucky me I got a BFP at 14 DPO! I worked out my EDD and found a great OB who was happy for me to VBAC as I didn’t want another CS so I declined a S&S and ended up at L&D without intervention ?, JMHO he’s the best OB out there ?. Once we arrived home ? with our new LO ??we settled into life with me as a SAHM while I took ML from work and not forgetting to claim my GPPL ?!! I stored plenty of EBM in my freezer for my DD as I was EBF but would have FF ? if I needed to. DH & I weren’t sure if we should try the CIO ?method so I consulted with NSM. My MIL & FIL ? didn’t want us to send her to DC but we told them to MYOB so they did, I’m sure lots of you KWIM ?? BTW if you’re still following then well done ?? but if not I HTH you pick up a few more to add to yor list because ITA it gets confusing sometimes! ?”

heygirlKristen Gislason Callow: Here’s what I’ve learned from North Shore Mums (see image)… whoops, I mean “learnt!”. Thank you for all of the laughs, spirited discussions, and Fiji recs over the past almost 4 years!

Laura Westbrook: That a spider pic should ALWAYS GO IN THE COMMENTS!


Elham Razaavi: I know that when I was ready to give up, I found mums that made me and let me know that it was all normal and how to work through things, found friends, and the fact that we all support business within our community. Thank you for this page. Whether I win or not. I absolutely love this page. ❤❤❤

fuelgaugeHenny Stier: That the arrow on your fuel gauge tells you which side of the car to fill the petrol from. It was like an “OMG why have I not known that before???!”.

Jaya Virdee: We all have our moments and there is always someone up at 4am…u r never alone.

Josy Adames: That more suburbs exist on the “North Shore” than one may think.

Kirsten MacKinnon: That my next overseas holiday should be to Fiji; that I should go straight to a GP or call health direct if my children are sick or injured; and discussing when a child should go to school always results in ‘interesting’ and ‘insightful’ suggestions. Seriously though, I do love this page?

Samantha Leslie: I am not the only one who doesn’t change my sheets weekly.

Stephanie Kerr: That there are people on the North Shore that actually own peacocks.

Yolanda Muller: Apparently Fiji is rather popular yet no one seems to know where to stay 🙂

Thank you to Taronga Zoo who supplied five Family Passes for this promotion.


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