Buying kids glasses…with a ‘virtual’ try on!

Buying kids glasses
Buying kids glasses is given a virtual-reality makeover with augie

Buying kids glasses comes with its challenges but a clever Sydney couple have solved a lot of family’s frame problems with their genius ‘virtual try on’ filter!

If you’ve ever been the parent in charge of buying kids glasses, you’ll know there’s a lot of frames out there, but precious few your child will willingly wear!

When Sydney parents Scott and Lana Arnold faced the same problem, they decided to tackle it themselves with a new business, augie.

The online-only set up uses augmented reality, via a filter on Instagram and Facebook, to show parents and kids what the frames look like.

Child in augie glasses eyewear

There’s a lot of frames out there, but finding gorgeous ones like these for kids is tough!

Where the idea for augie came from

Scott and Lana’s son August is 7 and their daughter Poppy is 4. Through Lana’s first hand experience shopping for kids glasses, she found a lack of exciting and affordable kids’ frames in the market. Frustrated by the lack of choice, Lana felt compelled to do something about it. She spent 18 months in research and developing a range of stylish kids’ glasses, while bringing simplicity to the whole process for parents.

“We have two kids who wear glasses and when we first started searching for the right frames, we couldn’t believe how bleak the options were,” says Lana Arnold, co-founder of augie. “Gimmicky, superheroes (so much Spiderman) and plain frames.

“When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create it.”

The range the couple have curated is stylish, while the online element brings simplicity to the whole process for parents – especially in the days of COVID-19, when trekking to store after store isn’t practical (or even possible!).

Why try augmented reality for buying kids glasses?

The idea behind augie was to change the way parents think, feel and buy their kids’ eyewear and it was always important to Lana that the product and brand was responsible through the product, social and environmental factors.

As a barrier most parents face of buying glasses online, augie has implemented a simple process with Augmented Reality Try On through Instagram and Facebook filters and you can also upload your prescription and the product is delivered to your door. In addition, health fund rebates are possible.

With 1 in 6 Australian children requiring optical eyewear, and 1 in 4 Australian children living with an undiagnosed eye condition* there is no better time to investigate everything augie has to offer–the Australian start-up that is disrupting the way parents purchase frames for kids’ who require glasses.

buying kids glasses virtually

The augie filter asks you to ‘find a face’ then select your glasses

Kids glasses tortiseshell frames

This shot shows we selected ‘tortoise’ for the frames we liked

Buying kids glasses: How the virtual frames ‘filter’ works

The process offers a simple way to shop for frames from anywhere without the hassle of visiting an optical frames store and selecting from an uninspiring selection of styles. Keeping the process online only saves parents time, money and all the fuss (not to mention in the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping options are the safest and most practical).

How it works:

  1. Parents, head to @augieeyewear on Instagram or Facebook
  2. Add the augie filter to try on each frame on your kids face, then select your favourite pair
  3. You will also be able to upload your prescription and the product will be delivered to your door
Child in augie glasses eyewear

This is what the Facebook augie eyewear filter showswhen you log in to the application

augie eyewear virtual glasses

You can select a photo in your camera roll or focus on a face

glasses for kids

Like magic! These frames are a perfect match for this outfit too!

What are the designs actually like?

Designs are classic and timeless in style….and fun in colour!

• There are 2 sizes in the range –3-7 year and 8-13 years

• Kid-friendly features include silicone tips for easy adjustments at home by a parent and flexi-spring hinges giving them flexibility

• augie eyewear is made using cellulose acetate which is great for sensitive skin and every pair is hand-polished

• A range of 7 styles from fun colours (French Blue, Raspberry, Peach & Coconut) and classics like (Classic Tortoise, Black and Crystal Clear)

• Frames from $129 and prescription lenses from $49

Special North Shore Mums offer for parents buying kids glasses!

For more information on augie eyewear, visit their website. For a limited time, North Shore Mums gets $20 off augie frames!

Use code NSMUMS20 FOR $20 off augie Frames. Limited to 1 per customer, ends 11.30pm on 20th May!


* Study conducted by YouGov and Galaxy


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