‘Boat Bar’ at Waverton: Plans for a floating restaurant revealed

boat bar waverton
'Boat Bar' at Waverton: Plans for the floating restaurant revealed (STOCK IMAGE: NOT OF THE BOAT BAR)

A ‘boat bar’ at Waverton will seat guests aboard a floating restaurant moored outside the Coal Loader, if plans submitted to Liquor & Gaming NSW are approved. 

Plans for a ‘boat bar’ at Waverton are being assessed by NSW Liquor and Gaming, with the Job Done Boating group filing an application to serve liquor on board the vessel between 10am-1am, Monday to Friday.

The vessel, called Privacy, is planning to seat up to 36 guests on board an anchored boat at 1 Balls Head Drive, near the Coal Loader. 

Boat Bar

The boat bar will be floating next to the historic Coal Loader site, a popular community destination at Balls Head Drive

The bar boat means the operation can offer diners and drinkers a breathtaking view of Sydney Harbour and Berrys Bay.

The recently restored MV Radar vessel is planning to operate a similar venue at Noakes boatyard in McMahons Point, serving up to 220-people at a time.

The mooring is close to the beloved Coal Loader centre for sustainability on the Waverton waterfront.

The Coal Loader is a platform for the delivery of a wide range of sustainability programs but also a favoured catch up location for coffee dates, events and a backdrop for art, given its history as an ex-industrial coal bunkering site on Sydney Harbour.

It has been transformed into a place which displays best-practice sustainable technology, community gardens, native bush nursery, food gardens, regenerated parklands and a fascinating history.

The ‘Privacy’ floating restaurant will moor at Waverton

Boat Bar: The Location

Address: 1 Balls Head Drive near the Coal Loader. 

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