Birthday Party at Kids World Playland, Macquarie Centre

Kids World Birthday Party
Time to sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday Girl.

Looking for a birthday party that is completely stress-free to organise, but packed full of fun and games for kids? Take a look at these awesome packages from Kids World Playland (previously Chipmunks) at Macquarie Centre. Absolutely everything is organised for you, so all you need to do is invite the guests!

When it comes to organising parties, I’m a big fan of outsourcing. Over the years, I’ve done all sorts of parties for my children – big parties at home with kids entertainers, day trip to Raging Waters, movies, visits to indoor mountain climbing centres and slumber parties.

And to be honest, it’s the ones that require the least amount of preparation and organisation that I’ve enjoyed the most. Of course, I want my kids and their friends to have an amazing time. But if I don’t have to spend a huge amount of effort or time making that fun time come true, then it’s a win-win for everyone!

A Birthday Party at Kids World Playland will be one of the easiest parties you’ll ever organise… but also, one of the best your child ever hosts! It really is a play wonderland for little ones, and ticks every single box on the party wishlist.

Fun exploring the huge indoor playcentre at Kids World Playland

For the first hour of the party, the kids are free to explore and play around the huge indoor playcentre. And it really is huge! There’s a giant inflatable slide, ball battle zone, huge indoor climbing frame to explore, mini trampolines, fast slides and a dedicated Under 5 Zone.

While the kids were off playing, the mums sat around drinking coffee and catching up… whilst others were roaming and checking the kids weren’t getting up to too much mischief.

Kids World: Party Room

Party room at Kids World Macquarie Centre

One of the party rooms at Kids World Macquarie Centre

After an hour of playing and trying out all the fun equipment at Kids World Playland, the kids had worked up an appetite and there was an announcement over the loudspeaker for all the kids in Ella’s Party to move to the Party Room for lunch. And what a fabulous room it was! Brightly decorated with colourful walls, the tables and chairs were set up in a semicircle, with the birthday girl positioned in the middle on her very own birthday throne (which she absolutely loved).

Each child was given an individual serve of three nuggets and hot chips in a cardboard box, and a choice of water or cordial.

While the kids tucked into lunch, the parents nibbled on a Hot Food Platter with hot chips, crispy potato wedges, spring rolls, nuggets and cocktail samosas. There was no need to wait for cold leftovers!

Kids World party food

Enjoying the nuggets and chips, all served in individual cardboard boxes.

After the children finished eating, the Party Hosts quickly returned to clear the plates and then start some party games! Musical statues went down very well with all the kids. To ensure no tears, every child who had to go ‘out’ got to choose from a big bucket of toys for their prize.

Finally, it was time for cake and to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the birthday girl. Our package included a delicious ice cream cake (vanilla, strawberry & chocolate), which was a big hit with all the kids and every plate left clean! Due to covid regulations, blowing out candles on the cake isn’t allowed at the moment – but instead they’ll cut an individual slice with a candle for the Birthday Child to blow out.

After cake, the kids were free to spend as much time as they wanted on the indoor playcentre. So off they toddled, for more fun!

Kids World Birthday Party Packages

Party Packages start at $225 for 8 children and include entry, party wear, party meal, bowls of lollies and unlimited play. Or you can upgrade to a Premium or Epic package to include things like an Ice Cream Cake, Party Gift bag and party games hosted by your party host. You can also add on extra platters of food too! Click here to view packages.

Kids World is also available for private hire too! Perfect if you’re organising a larger event and want the whole place to yourself.


Covid-Safe Regulations at Kids World Playland

Kids World Playland is a Covid-Safe venue, and ensures all guests comply by the rules to ensure the party and venue remains safe for all.

  • Adults required to wear a face mask at all times. Children under 12 years old do not need to wear a mask.
  • Any guests who are coughing or suffering from flu like symptoms will not be allowed to enter
  • All guests must either be a member, register as a member or sign in using the Covid Tracing QR code before entering
  • All guests must sanitise before entering our centre as well as before and after food service
  • Customers must remain seated at all times while eating or drinking during Covid.
  • Party rooms are governed by the 1 person per 2 square metre rule so only 12 households are allowed in the party room at any one time otherwise party rooms will need to be opened up to the cafe to allow more guests.
  • Guests are encouraged to social distance 1.5m at all times
  • Birthday child is not allowed to blow out candles on top the whole cake, a separate piece must be cut where a candle can be placed on top for happy birthday song and candle blowing ceremony.

Offer: Two free guests!

Book a birthday party in January or February 2021, and you’ll get TWO FREE party guests. Offer available to new bookings, and a minimum of 10 guests.

Essential Details: Kids World Playland




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