Cute baby meerkat quintuplets join the mob at the new Sydney Zoo


The new Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney is celebrating more babies with the arrival of five meerkat pups born just over 3 weeks ago to parents Sam and Kozi. The quintuplets are tiny enough to fit in the palm of their keeper’s hands.

The pint-sized newborns spent the first two weeks of their life nestled safely in a nesting burrow with their mum. Within the last week, the pups have begun to emerge from their burrow and are roaming around their habitat meeting the rest of the mob, playing and darting between the adult’s legs.

The energetic pups will closely follow the adults around and learn all about being a meerkat. From imitating natural behaviours like digging and sitting on their hind legs to eventually be on watch duty, the babies will be full members of the group in no time. After an exhausting day of playing and learning, they cuddle up together while their mother wraps herself around them.

baby meerkats cuddling mum

Cuddles with mum, at the end of a busy day!

For now, the pups are still feeding on their mother’s milk, but have been seen testing their taste-buds by chewing on mealworms and grubs. Despite living in the desert like conditions, unbelievably meerkats do not need extra water in their diets. They get all the moisture they need from the insects they eat.

“This is the second litter for mum Sam and also the biggest, as meerkats usually give birth to only two or three pups. We are very pleased that all five are healthy and displaying natural behaviours. Members and guests may even hear the pups calling to their parents to let them know they are ok”. – Carnivore keeper, Brock Taranto.

Young kids will love the playful nature of the cheeky pups. Don’t miss your chance to see the babies at the NEW Sydney Zoo before they grow up!

These baby meerkats are extremely cute!

About Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo is a NEW world-class zoo in the heart of Western Sydney. The zoo is home to over 2,000 animals including a wide range of exotic and natives, Australia’s largest Reptile and Nocturnal House and aquarium.

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Sydney Zoo: Essential Details

  • Address: 700 Great Western Highway, Bungarribee
  • Getting there:
    • Car: It’s about a 30-35 minute drive from North Shore suburbs like Chatswood, Gordon or Wahroonga. Expect to pay a few tolls, but it’s motorway most of the way. Parking is free at Sydney Zoo.
    • Public Transport: Read more about public transport options.
  • Phone: 02 7202 2560
  • Website:

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