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50% off ‘First Steps to Baby Sleep’ Online Program

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Want to learn top tips about how to help your baby or toddler sleep better? Jessie Stott, Founder of the multi award-winning Baby Sleep Guide app, has recently launched an online parenting program ‘First Steps to Baby Sleep’. We’re excited to offer North Shore Mums access to the program for half price!

First Steps to Baby Sleep is a 5-part online parenting program providing the fundamental first steps to encourage healthy sleep for your baby – it’s what every parent needs to know before they ever consider sleep training!

Specialising in the field of baby sleep, Jessie’s gentle and holistic approach to parenting shines through. With a genuine desire to help all parents, this online program is an affordable way for parents to learn the best ways to help their babies sleep better. 

The program is perfect if your baby… 

  • Is aged 0-3 years
  • Has trouble falling asleep
  • Cat naps
  • Wakes up numerous times at night
  • Wakes up early
  • Misses day sleeps
  • Is unsettled during awake periods
  • Is experiencing a sleep regression

This Online Course will teach you:

  • How to set up your baby’s room for maximum sleep
  • Emotional connections and their importance to sleep
  • Basic nutrition to facilitate great sleep
  • Finding daily flow and rituals
  • Plan your own routine (print out)
  • Jessie’s favourite sleep products
  • Playtime is more than just a way to entertain
  • Baby care journals (printable)

What’s included

  • Video instructions
  • Printable check lists
  • Bonding activities
  • Temperature chats
  • Baby care journals
  • Routine builder
  • Extra reading and info

    It’s gentle, practical advice that anyone can implement. Easy to follow instructional videos and printable reading materials and work sheets.

    “Jessie’s holistic approach offers a wealth of knowledge for all parents to improve their lifestyle, environment and habits to create a healthy start for their babies and promote natural sleep for the whole family. It sets a great foundation for healthy sleep patterns without the need to ‘train’ our babies. This course isn’t about sleep training or teaching our babies how to sleep without us. This is about creating a sleep inducing environment naturally- so it is perfect for mums and dads of any parenting beliefs..” – Midwife Kelly

    Visit the Website and follow Awaken Wellness on Facebook.

    Jessie Stott

    Jessie Stott is the creator of the Online Program for parents

    Get 50% off the ‘First Steps To Baby Sleep’ Online Program

    To celebrate the launch of the “First Steps To Baby Sleep’ online parenting program, North Shore Mums can get instant access to the program for half price! Usually $89, you’ll get it for just $44.50.

    To redeem this limited time offer, click here and enter the code: northshoremums

    But hurry! Special price expires at 29 February 2020!



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