7 fun at-home activities, as inspired by Mandarin Centre attractions

Set up your own Putt Putt course
Set up your own Putt Putt course

Running out of ideas to keep the family entertained at home? Don’t worry, The Mandarin Centre has you sorted! While you can’t visit many of their amazing venues and shops in person right now, they have put together some fantastic at-home activities so you can have some fun from home!

1. My Gym Online Class

My Gym (which is in The Mandarin Centre) is bringing their fabulous workouts to you with their fantastic online class! It’s a chance for kids to have a laugh and join in at home (while you enjoy a little time to yourself). Kids can enjoy 15 minutes of physically engaging activities with Coach Daisy and Coach Andreas, with stretches and a warm up, before heading into some practice skills. Check out the video below and get the kids moving.

2. Set up your own Strike Bowling

at-home activities

Bowling at home!

Who else can’t wait to get back to Strike for a little competitive fun with the family?! It’s always such a fun day out. In the meantime we can still get in some practice time at home – with a little competition too, of course. It’s the kids against the adults and winners get ice-cream for dinner!

How to set up bowls at home

  1. Collect Plastic Bottles – Do you have lots of empty plastic bottles lying around at home? If not, it’s time to get collecting. You can use milk cartons, water bottles, juice cartons… anything you can find! Collect 10 of them ready to set up as pins for your next game. They can be all shapes and sizes, it just adds to the fun.
  2. Fill them with water – Once you have all 10, fill them up with water! You can add as much or as little water as you like, depending on how hard you want to make it. The more water, the harder the pins are to knock over. If your cartons are clear, you can add a drop or two of food dye into each bottle for some added fun – who doesn’t love a bit of colour!
  3. Find a ball – any ball will do!
  4. Set up the pins – Now, it’s time to play. Find a place you can set up the pins (might be best to venture outside for this one).  Take it in turns, and have a game with the family.

Make sure you keep score so you know when the kids win their ice-cream for dinner!

3. Create a Hoyts movie experience at home

Are you missing heading to the cinema with friends and family to check out the latest films? Stock up on the popcorn, get everyone together and enjoy a Teleparty. It’s the perfect way to connect with friends and family for a fun movie night in together.

Stuck for inspiration? We have plenty of movies suggestions for you to browse on both Netflix and Disney Plus (both supported by Teleparty).

All you have to do is get the popcorn ready and find a comfy spot in your living room to enjoy a fun night in.

4. Play a game of DIY Laser Tag

at-home activities

If you’re lucky enough to have a laser tag game at home, then it’s time to get the kids outside for some fun. If not, grab some water pistols and set up your own DIY laser tag. Grab some old clothes (the lighter the better), that Mum doesn’t mind if they get a little stained. Fill up the water guns with water and a drop or two of food colouring – the perfect way to see if you’ve been hit.

Your backyard makes the perfect obstacle course, with walls to camouflage against, trees to hide behind and bushes to jump into (if mum’s okay with it!). If you don’t have the space at home, you can also head to your local park for a run around, just being mindful of other people there.

It’s a great activity to release some of that energy and have plenty of fun in the process.

5. Set up a fun Holey Moley putt putt course in your home

at-home activities

Did someone say putt putt? Holey Moley has some of the best courses… ever. Full of so much fun and entertainment. It’s time to bring some of that into your home – and it’s easier than you think.

Grab some golf clubs you have lying around, if not, ask dad if he’ll let you borrow one of his (and promise to be gentle). Then tip out the piles of Lego and Duplo and get creating! The crazier the better when it comes to creating some putt putt fun.

See what else you can find to use as obstacles along the way. Take some inspiration from Holey Moley – anything works! Set up your course around the couches in the living room, through some toys out along the course, create some ramps with the cushions… see how creative you can be when it comes to setting up your game of putt putt. It’s the perfect at-home activity the whole family will enjoy!

Once again, adults vs the kids to win ice-cream for dinner!

6. Recreate the delicious Play on 5 cocktails… in mocktail form

at-home activities

Mocktail for the kids!

Mmmm cocktails…there’s no better way to spend the weekend than sipping on the delicious variety of cocktails on offer at Play on 5 with friends. The countdown is on until we can go back! In the meantime, have some fun with the kids at home and get to work on this delicious mocktail recipe they can enjoy.

One of the signature cocktails at Play on 5 is their Pina Colada (and trust us, it’s delicious). Try this amazing recipe to enjoy a delicious mocktail with the kids.

You can head into Miracle Supermarket for the supplies, then stop over at Daiso and pick up some fun decorations for home and turn it into a party! The perfect at-home activity everyone will enjoy.

7. Get dinner delivered to your door

With all this fun at home, there’s no doubt the entire family will be feeling a little peckish!

Don’t feel like cooking? You don’t have to go without your favourite food! Enjoy the convenience of tasty meals delivered straight to your door. Choose from your favourite Mandarin Centre food outlets, and let one of these delivery options do the job for you! Choose from Menulog, Deliveroo, Door Dash, Hungry Panda, Uber Eats or many more. Find out more & order now. 

If you’re keen to cook and want to try an Asian-inspired meal (yum!), pick up everything you need from Miracle Supermarket. The kids will love learning to make Spring Rolls, Dumplings, Dim Sims or another delicious dish your family enjoys. It’s a great at-home activity for an afternoon in lockdown, with some delicious results.

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