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Do you have something that you just need to get off your chest, but don’t have an outlet? Introducing North Shore Mums Confessions, where you are free to share something that needs to be told… but you can do so in an anonymous confession.

Maybe it’s a parenting fail. Maybe your going through a relationship issue. Maybe you’ve got financial issues. You might be too embarrassed to share it with your nearest and dearest, but think your experiences is worth sharing with other mums.

So simply fill out the online form below, and we’ll share your story on the North Shore Mums Facebook page and/or website.

Example: Anonymous Confession

NORTH SHORE MUMS CONFESSION: ATTRACTED TO ANOTHER WOMANHi need some help. I’m 41, married to a man with a child. I’ve…

Posted by North Shore Mums on Monday, November 16, 2020

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