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Frequently Asked Questions

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Got a question? This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page should have the answer! It covers the most common questions that we get about the Facebook Group, Directory, What’s On, Job Board and advertising options. 

Quicklinks to questions:

If your answer is not listed here, click here to submit your question.

Facebook Group

How do I join your Facebook Group?

If you’re a mum living on the North Shore, you are welcome to join the our online community. To request to join the Facebook group, click the ‘Join Now’ button (top right of the page).

My request to join was rejected. Why?

You need to answer all three questions so we know your reasons for joining!

To ensure the safety of our community, we look at all profile pages before accepting requests. If your privacy settings are too high and we are unable to establish that you’re a ‘real person’, then we may refuse your request.

We only accept requests from people with real names. We do not accept requests from business pages. If you would like to join, it must be from your personal profile.

Are there any rules?

In order to ensure the group runs smoothly, we have a number of guidelines in place. All members should read our Group Guidelines before posting in the group. But in summary, the rules are:

  • Be nice. Everyone does things differently, so respect that. Treat people as you would in the ‘real world’.
  • No spamming or business posts. If someone requests recommendations, you can nominate yourself once in a post.
  • Don’t badmouth local businesses. It isn’t fair!
  • Don’t post stuff for sale, wanted ads or garage sales. This includes baby items, concert tickets, houses for rent or purchase. There are many local Facebook selling groups for that!
  • Be safe. Don’t post personal contact information (address, phone numbers etc).
  • Medical Advice. Take with a grain of salt, get the opinion of a professional too!

Where has my post gone?

Posts can move quickly down the page! First, try searching for it.

If you’ve searched and can’t find it, it may have been deleted by Admin because it didn’t comply with the Group Guidelines. Due to the number of posts, we don’t message people individually to explain why posts have been deleted.

There’s a post in the group that is against the guidelines. How do I alert the moderators?

If a post needs the attention of the moderators, the quickest, easiest and most efficient thing to do is “report it”. This way, all admins will get a notification, and whoever is online can react immediately.

Simply click on the down arrow in the top right corner of the relevant post, and select ‘Report to Admin’. There’s no need to send us an email or a PM.

Who can see my posts?

North Shore Mums is a ‘Closed’ Group, which means that people either need to be added by an existing member, or they need to ask to join. Anyone on Facebook can see the group name and members, but only group members can see posts in the group.

Please be aware that whatever you post is on a public forum (despite being a ‘closed’ group) and is visible to thousands of members. Don’t post anything on it that you don’t want your neighbour to know or any news websites to write a story about.

How do I search for an old post?

Want to find an old post? To save multiple posts about the same question, it’s a great idea to first use the ‘search’ function to read posts that have already addressed the issue. You can search from your mobile, tablet or desktop.

How do I post an Anonymous question?

If you have a question where you don’t want to identify yourself, we offer a free service of posting anonymous questions on behalf of members.

Before requesting an anonymous post, please search through the Facebook group, as it is very likely that your question has been asked previously. If you would like to post anonymously to the North Shore Mums Facebook group, click here to submit your question. Please understand that we cannot publish all requests.

Can I post about my business in the Facebook group?

Sorry, we don’t allow businesses to self-promote in our group. The only time we allow business posts is during our bi-monthly Business Hour, but this opportunity is only for members who advertise on our website.

How does Business Hour work?

North Shore Mums runs a bi-monthly Business Hour in the Facebook group. Members who advertise on the North Shore Mums website are welcome to post an ad about their business during this dedicated hour (business posts at all other times are not allowed). To post during this hour, you must have a current paid listing in our Directory, or have run a banner ad or promotion in the last six months. Find out more about Business Hour.

Can I suggest my business on posts looking for recommendations?

Yes, but only if you advertise on our website. We have implemented this policy to give more support the businesses that support our community. You are allowed to suggest your own business if:

  1. You advertise on the North Shore Mums website (listings in our Directory start at $12/month). Find out more.
  2. It is a current post (posts that have been active in the last 24 hours). Please don’t search for older posts and comment on these.

Can I recommend my friend/ husband/ parent’s business?

To ensure that any recommendations made in the group are trustworthy and genuine, you can only recommend a business if you have personally used them and if you do not have a personal (friend or family) or business relationship (employee, contractor, networking group) with that business.

If it becomes obvious that a member is always recommending a business, then these posts will be deleted and the member warned. If we are informed that any member receives financial compensation for making a recommendation, we will remove them without warning. If you are aware of any members who are recommending businesses with whom they have a personal or professional relationship or receive reward or incentive, please contact us.

How can I promote a job suited for a North Shore Mum in the group?

If you have a position vacant that would appeal to a North Shore Mum, we have hundreds of mums looking for that ideal next step in their career, or to simply get back into the workforce. Our website features a Job Board, which is all about connecting our talented, hard working and intelligent women with local, family-friendly employers.

Once your job listing has been published on the website, you are then allowed to share the job listing in the North Shore Mums Facebook Group. Click here to advertise a job role.

Can I ask for market research or people to fill out a survey in the group?

Sorry, we don’t allow business surveys or research projects posts in the Facebook group. To get respondents, we would recommend one of our Newsletter & Facebook Packages.

I’m running an event. How can I promote it?

If your event targets mums, kids or families on the North Shore, you are welcome to add it to the What’s On section of the North Shore Mums website. Simply complete the online form with all the details, and it will be published on the website immediately (but may be edited by the North Shore Mums team).

I run a Facebook group or page. Can I promote it in your Facebook group?

If you run a not-for-profit community Facebook group or page, you are allowed to post about it during Business Hour (even if you are not a website advertiser). You can also suggest it if relevant in response to a specific question from a member in the group. Posts at any other time are not allowed. If your Facebook page or group is a business, you need to be a website advertiser in order to post during Business hour.

I write a blog. Can I promote it in your Facebook group?

If you write a personal blog, you are allowed to post about it during Business Hour (even if you are not a website advertiser). However, if your blog is connected to a business, then you need to be an advertiser to promote it during Business Hour. Posts at any other time are not allowed.

Can I post about fundraising for a charity?

As we are unable to verify the legitimacy of any requests for donations, we do not allow any posts asking for money or donations.

How do I contact the admin of the North Shore Mums Facebook Group?

If your answer has not been answered in the FAQ or Group Guidelines, click here to submit your question.


I’d like to advertise on your website. What are the options?

We have a range of different marketing options available, depending on your budget and objectives, such as:

The Media Kit provides more details about the demographic, traffic and promotional opportunities. Click here to get the latest Media Kit.


How can I list my business in the North Shore Mums Directory?

It’s super simple, and you can do it all online. Listings start from just $12/month on a monthly auto-renewal plan. Click here for all the details and to submit your business.

How can I set up payment for my Directory listing?

Your auto-renewal plan can be set up either with PayPal or a debit or credit card. Although PayPal is the payment platform that is used, you don’t need a PayPal account to pay for the listing! At checkout, either select:

  • Subscribe using a credit or debit card OR
  • Log in to subscribe via PayPal

I’ve got a listing in the North Shore Mums Directory, but I’d like to update it. How do I do that?

You simply need to login, find the listing and click ‘edit’. Click here for detailed instructions.

How do I get testimonials on my listing?

According to the recent North Shore Mums Reader Survey, 88% of our readers agreed with the statement: “I’m more likely to choose a business in the NSM Directory if the listing include customer reviews”. Testimonials on your listing are so important! Click here to read more about why you need them and how to get them.

Do you have any marketing graphics that I can use?

We sure do! We’ve got a range of graphics that you are welcome to use on your website or social media channels to let people know to find you in the Directory, and to encourage reviews. Click here to download them.

My listing should be coming up for renewal soon. How do I renew?

You should receive a series of renewal emails 10 days prior to expiry. Sometimes these can end up in the ‘Junk’ folder, so adding ‘[email protected]’ should increase the chance of it hitting your inbox.

To renew your listing, you simply need to login to the website and follow these instructions.

How do I change the payment method for my auto-renewal?

You just need to login to your PayPal account, and go to the section where you manage automatic payments. Click here for detailed instructions.

I’ve got an auto-renewal listing, and I’d like to cancel it. 

No problem! But before cancelling, we would strongly encourage you to review your listing, and consider whether it is selling your business in the best possible way. Is your description catchy and does it speak to local mums? Do your images leave a positive impression? Do you have testimonials? The Directory gets over 15,000 unique visitors per month – but of course your ad needs to showcase your business beautifully to get those enquiries. Click here to read the tips and instructions about how to update your listing.

To cancel your listing, you will need to do it via PayPal – where you set up the auto-renewal.

  1. Login to your PayPal account
  2. Click on ‘Profile’
  3. Click on ‘Financial Information’
  4. Click on ‘My pre-approved payments: Manage the automatic payments, subscriptions and instalment plan payments I send to merchants.’

Alternatively you can email us requesting us to cancel the auto-renewal. Please allow two business days for this to be actioned.

What’s On

I’ve got an event coming up. How can I list it in What’s On?

You are welcome to add your event to the What’s On section for free. All events are listed in the appropriate category in chronological order (so the events that are happening soonest are at the top of the page and category).

To increase the visibility of your event, we have a Featured event listing type – which means you are TOP of your category. This listing type also allows up to five images in the feature slideshow gallery of your listing (free listings only allow for one image). It’s $99 (inc. GST) for a 3-month Featured Event Listing. Click here to list an event.

Do you have any other options for promoting an event?

If you also want to promote it to our readers, we offer a package where you get a spot on the weekly e-newsletter, plus a post on the NSM Facebook Page. It ranges in price from $139 – $359 depending on the number of channels and views. It works really well for events and promotions. There are more details and the online submission form here.

I’ve listed an event, but some details have changed. How can I correct it?

If you’ve already got an event listed in the What’s On section, but need to update details, click here to update your event listing..

Job Board

I’d like to advertise a role in the Job Board. How do I do that?

The North Shore Mums Job Board is all about connecting our talented, hard working and intelligent women with local, family-friendly employers. If you have a position vacant that would appeal to a North Shore Mum, we have hundreds of mums looking for that ideal next step in their career, or to simply get back into the workforce. Click here to submit an ad.

Can I promote the Job Role in the Facebook group?

Absolutely! Once the Job Board ad is published on the website (which happens instantly – you will receive email confirmation), you are welcome to post about the vacancy in our Facebook group to thousands of local mums.

Simply write a short overview about the job and include a link to the listing on the NSM website. If you are not a member of the group, you are welcome to get a colleague, wife, sister or friend who is a member to post it on your behalf!

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