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Want to ask an anonymous question where you won’t be identified? If you’re a member of our Facebook group and need support on a challenging issue happening in your life, you can now post anonymous questions directly to the Facebook group. Otherwise, you can submit via the form below are we’ll post it on our Facebook page for you. 

How to post anonymously in the North Shore Mums Facebook group

First, you need to be a member of the North Shore Mums Facebook group.

Simply go to post something, but choose the anonymous post option. Your name will be seen by the admin team, but will not be shared if it is approved. You will be able to respond to comments and advice anonymously too.

Anonymous Post Facebook Group

Why wasn’t my post approved? 

We will only approve posts that truly need to be anonymous. With thousands of members in our online community, we receive a huge number of anonymous post requests, so we do need to be selective about the posts that we choose to publish.

We will only approve posts that are sensitive in nature (for example, early pregnancy, mental illness, financial advice, relationship issues), but not the ones that contain information that most of us that most of us have to deal with (such as toilet training, child sleep issues).

We will not post any medical questions that can be answered by a discussion with your GP. If in doubt, ALWAYS see a doctor.

Search the group first!

Most questions have already been asked before, many times! Before submitting a request for an anonymous post, we suggest you use the ‘search’ function in the North Shore Mums Facebook group. From a desktop, click on the magnifying glass and type the keyword.

Support Services

If you require counselling or other medical or health services, there are lots of local businesses listed in the North Shore Mums Directory who may be able to assist.

We also have a list of free hotline support lines who can provide help. Click here to see the list.

If you are in an abusive relationship and want help to leave, read this practical, no nonsense, step-by-step guide.

Alternatively, we can post on our public Facebook page

Submit the form below for your post to be considered for the public North Shore Mums Facebook page.

Want to contact us about something else? Click here.

  • What is your anonymous question? Please type it exactly as you would like it to appear
  • If you have any other information you would like to include about why you need this question to be asked anonymously, please enter it below.
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