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Why testimonials on your Directory listing are vital for success!

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According to the North Shore Mums Reader Survey, 88% of our readers agreed with the statement: “I’m more likely to choose a business in the North Shore Mums Directory if the listing include customer reviews”.

Take a minute to look at your business listing in the North Shore Mums Directory from an outsider’s perspective – put yourself in the seat of the mum who is looking for a business. She clicks on the relevant category and has several companies to choose from. She clicks on the businesses that seem to fit her search criteria – some have lots of lovely testimonials whilst others don’t have any testimonials at all. Which business is she likely to choose?

People want to trust the company they choose. It’s the safe choice. And of course, it’s human nature to want to follow other people like them.

We live in a world of incredible choice. Any business that has a legion of raving fans who are prepared to come out and not only share their experience but also recommend that others use this business, has a huge competitive advantage.

Testimonials can increase credibility in extraordinary ways – and in this online world, they are more important than ever.

What are the benefits of having testimonials?

According to Andrew Griffiths, Serial entrepreneur and author from

Let’s be honest, we are all somewhat cynical. We certainly don’t believe everything we are told, especially when it comes to advertising. But we do believe other people. This is the reason that sites such as Trip Advisor have flourished and social media in general has become such a force to be reckoned with. A testimonial means that the person giving it is putting their reputation with their own tribe on the line. If they give a testimonial and the business doesn’t live up to what they have to say, their reputation is damaged. So it is a very significant bond between the business getting the testimonial and the individual giving it. A business that has a good number of current testimonials, from a diverse group of customers, is much more appealing to potential customers than one without. It’s kind of like other members of the tribe have tested the business for you and given it two thumbs up, so your risk is reduced.

So, how do you ask for testimonials?

Don’t be shy! When it comes to asking for testimonials for your listing in the North Shore Mums Directory, make it as easy as possible by providing them with a direct link to the listing in the Directory. Copy and paste the URL.

It should look start with this:

Either email your customers (perhaps you can include a standard blurb with invoices?) or post generally on your Facebook page with a personal message like: We’re listed in the North Shore Mums Directory! We’d be so grateful if you could spare a minute to leave a testimonial about your experience with us. Here’s the link: [copy & paste URL here]

If you send an email after you’ve completed a job (or when you send an invoice), this is another opportunity to include a standard blurb asking them to leave a testimonial. You might be pleasantly surprised at just how effective this simple request is at generating future business!

We have a graphic that you can use to post with the request. Click here to view marketing graphics.

Can I copy and paste testimonials that I’ve been given in the past by customers?

To preserve the integrity of testimonials, listing owners cannot upload multiple reviews from clients.

If you’re really proud of any particular review and still have a relationship with that customer, why not email them asking them to copy & paste that same review onto your listing? Make it easy by providing them the link and their text to copy.

Show me some examples!

There are some businesses who actively seek out testimonials, and it’s easy to see why these businesses renew their listing every year – because they simply get so many new customers from the listing.

What if they write negative things about our business?

We simply won’t approve the comments. All testimonials are reviewed by North Shore Mums before they are published, and we do not publish any negative reviews. This is why the section is specifically called ‘Testimonials’.

We’re not like other websites who allow derogatory comments, that can cause irreparable damage to businesses and personal anguish to the owners. We don’t believe that one spiteful customer should ruin the reputation of a business.

However, if we do get a negative review, we will let you know about it – to give you the opportunity to respond to the customer and hopefully resolve their issues.

If we get multiple complaints about the same business, we will speak to you directly to find out what’s going on. If we’re not satisfied, we will remove the listing. As a trusted Directory for many mums, we don’t want to be promoting businesses who consistently give bad experiences to our readers.

What are you waiting for? Get asking!

Testimonials are powerful, essential and free marketing tools that have always been important. Today they are vital.

We want to see all the businesses in our Directory get lots of enquiries and new customers from North Shore Mums – and testimonials will be that extra element that will help take you to the next level!

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