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Testimonials from North Shore Mums advertisers

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Considering advertising with North Shore Mums, but want some assurance that it will give you a solid return on investment? Find out how it has helped so many local businesses grow and thrive, with real testimonials from local business owners across the North Shore.

‘Working with the team at North Shore Mums has been wonderful and they are a pleasure to deal with. They are very professional and always willing to assist and provide excellent recommendations for our desired outcomes. North Shore Mums are a major reason why our Ready Steady Go Kids classes have been so successful on the North Shore. Our main advertising has been through the essential kids activity guide each term which always provides a great return, however with the help of the North Shore Mums team, we have also used FB posts, competitions and banner advertising on their page with terrific success. Without North Shore Mums advertising our classes wouldn’t be as popular as we are today – so a huge thank you North Shore Mums team.’ – Michael, Franchise Owner, Ready Steady Go Kids.


‘Play World Australia was a brand new kids event that happened at the International Convention Centre in the September school holidays. One of the strategies we used to drive ticket sales was to work with the mums groups throughout Sydney about promoting the event and also helping to sell discounted tickets. North Shore Mums was the most successful and effective mums group by far when selling tickets for Play World, but also engaging the audience in the event. The North Shore Mums campaign was more effective than the other mums groups, but also more effective than mainstream media sites, like Time Out for example. We found the team at North Shore Mums to be responsive and professional and they also knew their audience really well, making decisions about copy and imagery that would best drive engagement levels. They were a significant part of our marketing and a very effective tool for us to use to drive this event.’ – Rachel Robertson, Director, Rocket Comms (on behalf of Play World).


‘If you offer products or services in the North Shore area, I would recommend you to contact the amazing team at North Shore Mums. They will help advise the best advertising options for your business (and budget!) and will help you maximise the possibilities of getting more leads. I have been promoting my business with North Shore Mums since day one of my operations and plan to keep doing it’ – Grace Lazzeri, Director at Kids Circle.


‘North Shore Mums is an excellent online resource that brings mothers and local businesses together. Their costs are reasonable, their advertising does what they say it will do, and most importantly, the owners of the site are fast to respond to all queries and calls for help! There are a lot of other commercial Facebook Mothers groups and websites that say they do the same, but in my experience, the ONLY “commercial” mothers group that lives up to its own hype is North Shore Mums. They are fast to respond, reasonable about all requests for various posts, willing to assist those in the local community doing drives and charity work, and FRIENDLY to deal with. I have dealt with plenty of unhelpful, unfriendly Facebook “Mums” groups and that is the reason I wandered until I found North Shore Mums. The culture they have created is fair, respectful and warm. Absolutely worth advertising on, or joining to be part of a kind and friendly community. 6 out of 5 stars for sure :)’ – Rose Smith, Philotimo Freestyle Jujitsu


‘Since advertising in the North Shore Mums Essential Guide to School Holidays, our programs have sold out. I give a discount code so I can work out where my customers are coming from. Last time I got 6 customers use the code for the school holiday guide and 8 customers use a different code for the North Shore Mums Facebook business hour posts. So it is well worth the cost and effort doing all the facebook posts. Also love the easy to read layout of the School Holiday Guide. I would definitely recommend giving this a go and I would definitely have a discount code or special offer you can give so it is super simple to track.’ – Cathy Randazzo, Bop till you Drop.


‘We’ve been advertising on the North Shore Mums website – and in particular its Essential Guide to the School Holidays program – for a couple of years now, and have had a great response from parents. As a start-up born on the Lower North Shore that focuses on teaching school aged students important life skills, it has been great to work with such a professional group of local Mums to get the word out about our programs.’ – Mark Slaven, National Director, Sydney Speaking School.


‘I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘thank you’. I have had many clients come from my way from North Shore Mums over the years.’ – Deb Hirst, Lactation Consultant.


‘Advertising with North Shore Mums has been one of the smartest business decisions I have made over the past 5 years. The ROI is remarkable for me. I love working with the North Shore Mums team as well. I can only highly recommend spending your advertising dollars with North Shore Mums.’ – Jane Simpson, Jane Simpson Brows


‘Advertising on the North Shore Mums Directory has been a great investment for my company. 70% of my clients come from the Directory and your Facebook Business Hour. Thanks to your amazing team!’ – Carla, Tidy Clean Go.


‘Advertising with North Shore Mums has had an immediate and measurable impact. Rachel and her team and always responsive, professional and keen to get the best possible result for their advertisers. Thank you North Shore Mums!’ – Pauline Shuttleworth, Kamaroi Rudolph Steiner School.


‘We had a fantastic day at My Kids Market Lane Cove yesterday. The stalls were full and we had increased foot traffic so we are thrilled to pieces that the local families continue to support these wonderful Markets! We are looking forward to bringing them back to Lane Cove again in 2018 and to working with North Shore Mums again to help spread the word. Thanks to you and your great team for your support in the lead up to the Market!’ – Jennifer Harrison, My Kids Market.


‘North Shore Mums is the only place I’ve paid to advertise and my business has grown from just a few students two years ago when I started, to 73 students today! North Shore Mums is a trusted site, for me, as a mum, and obviously for so many others. Several mums have kindly posted reviews on my listing on your site, and this has really helped my business grow.’ – Tara, Eager Readers.


‘North Shore Mums has been an amazing place where I get 95% of my clients. I would highly recommend you advertise with North Shore Mums if your target market are mums on the North Shore. It truly delivers immediate client enquiries and greater brand awareness.’ – Shannon Johnson, Living for Style.


‘The North Shore Mums Directory has provided me with steady flow of great local clientele.  The listing template, layout and various linking options to re-direct to web/social media have helped in getting across info/services and brand exposure. The site itself is the perfect ‘go to’ for so many different services and information.’ – Kat Cayley Photography.


‘After starting Joey Jig music four years ago one of my customers recommended listing my business on North Shore Mums, and I’ve never looked back! My business has grown from just a few classes to 21 classes on the North Shore and Northern Beaches, and it has been the most successful method of advertising for Joey Jig. In fact it’s now the only advertising that I do. Joey Jig has had great exposure on the website, newsletter and Facebook posts, as well as recommendations from the group and website. Rachel and her team have always been very helpful and I would highly recommend North Shore Mums to other business who are looking to promote their company to local mums.’ – Alicia Wolfe, Joey Jig Music.


‘A big thank you to North Shore Mums for helping give my business a great kickstart! I got well over 100 enquiries from the promotion, and so happy to have been able to help families with their child care needs.’ – Trish McKay, Sydney North Shore Nannies.


‘We had a brilliant Open Day this year with numbers up 50% on last year, so thanks for your help with that.’ – Michele Harris, Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School.


‘Thank you for allowing us to promote the Raine & Horne Family Fun Day on the ‘What’s On’ section of your. Throughout the day we asked guests how they heard about our event and an overwhelming amount of people said it was due to the post on the North Shore Mum’s Facebook page. You have made a wonderful space for young families to keep up-to-date with what is happening on the North Shore, so thank you.’ – Cassandra Macfarlane & Jillian Scates, Raine & Horne Chatswood/Willoughby.


‘I have been in business for 10 years and have tried many different forms of advertising over this time. Advertising with North Shore Mums has by far been the most successful medium I have used. Perfectly targeted to my market and we received a high number of enquiries by email and phone. An affordable advertising option for small businesses on the North Shore. I will be advertising again with North Shore Mums!’ – Kylie Clift, Jim Jam Music.


‘North Shore Mums has changed my life (and my business!). By listing my business in the North Shore Mums Business Directory, people can find my details whenever they are looking for them. I’ve had so many clients tell me they got my details from the directory! The enquiries from North Shore Mums just keep coming week after week.’ – Julie Attwood Chartered Accountant.


‘North Shore Mums has brought so many wonderful families to Ladybug Music that I had to add more classes! I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.’ – Clare Stevenson, Ladybug Music.


‘The advertising through the North Shore Mums Directory increased my customer numbers hugely. I even had to turn away some clients as I couldn’t service all requests.’ – Annameike Clark, Cake Love By Meeks.


‘I have just renewed my listing in the North Shore Mums Directory for the third year. It has been invaluable to me and my husband’s business. The Directory is easy to use and clients can find us easily.’ – Michie Haley, Xchange Air.

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