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North Shore Mums Facebook Business Hour

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The North Shore Mums Business Hour is held in the Facebook group on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 8-9pm. During this dedicated hour, members who advertise on the North Shore Mums website are invited to post a free ad about their business. It’s an excellent opportunity to get extra exposure and help create awareness with our thousands of members!

Who can post during Business Hour?

If you advertise your business on the North Shore Mums website, you’re allowed to post during Business Hour! This can be:

  • A current listing in the North Shore Mums Directory or
  • Have run any other advertising campaign within the last 6 months (e.g. banner advertising, promotion, newsletter).

Members are also welcome to post during this hour if they write a personal blog, YouTube channel, run a not-for-profit Facebook page or group, or other not-for-profit organisation (e.g. playgroup).

Business Hour Dates

1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month, 8-9pm

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To ensure you don’t miss this opportunity for free promotion of your business:

If you’re unable to post during the dedicated 8-9pm time slot, early posts are allowed from 4pm on the day of Business Hour.

Please ensure these posts are titled: BUSINESS HOUR POST: [INSERT COMPANY NAME] so it it clear to the moderators that it is an early post. The post will remain in the queue to be approved until 8pm, when we start Business Hour.

How do I post during Business Hour?

  1. Go to the North Shore Mums Facebook Group (you must be a member first)
  2. Click ‘Add Photo/Video’ and upload upload ONE image (only)
  3. Write a post to promote your business (see tips below)
  4. Click ‘post’.

What should a Business Hour post contain?

Business posts should include the following:

  • Company name – Absolutely essential! This isn’t just needed so our members know what company the ad is for, it’s also so the North Shore Mums admin team can check to make sure you are an advertiser. If the name doesn’t match any businesses in our advertising records, the post will not be approved.
  • Description – an engaging and exciting description about what your business offers, and any special offers. You are competing with lots of other business posts in this hour, so make it personal, interesting and valuable to make people want to stop and read your post.
  • Link – a link to your website or social media pages
  • Contact details – email or mobile
  • One image OR one video – posts should include one image or video (only). This could be your business logo or a collage of products, whatever you choose. Posts with multiple images will be deleted, as it causes issues on the newsfeed. You can also upload a short video or link to youtube.


Are there any rules?

  1. Advertisers only – Business hour is only for members who advertise on the North Shore Mums website.
  2. Do not ask people to comment on the post – If you are giving away a free sample or running a competition, please ask people to enter via your website or Facebook page, as it unfairly bumps the post.
  3. No bumping – don’t artificially ‘bump’ your post by commenting. You may reply to a direct question.
  4. Do not PM members who have showed interest but not asked to be contacted – unsolicited messaging is generally not received well. People will contact you if they want more information or to buy.
  5. Job ads are not allowed. If you would like to advertise a job to North Shore Mums, you can do so via the Job Board.

I’m an advertiser but not a member of the North Shore Mums Facebook Group. How do I join?

  • If you’re a local mum, click here to join the Facebook group. Ensure your privacy settings are lowered so we can check you are a real person.
  • If you’re not a North Shore Mum, you are welcome to get your wife, partner, sister, colleague, employee or friend to post on your behalf. Just provide them with the words for the post and an image to upload!
  • Please note: Only personal profiles are able to join Facebook groups (not business pages). So any business hour posts will come from your personal profile.

How can I become an advertiser so I can post during Business Hour?

“When we launched Mandala Beach House in December last year, we signed up to the North Shore Mums Directory. In addition to having a page on the website where all our details can be found, the Facebook Business Hour posts have proven an exceptional way of reaching families who like to travel together and we are thrilled with the response.” Melanie Horner, Mandala Beach House

If you would like to post during Business Hour, but don’t yet advertise on our website, get started by listing in the North Shore Mums Directory. Give it a try! You can cancel at any time. Click here for more details.

We also offer banner advertising, promotions and e-newsletter/Facebook packages. Click here for more details.

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