North Shore Mums Promotions: Data Sharing Policy


When people enter promotions on North Shore Mums, we need them to know that they’re not going to be added to third party mailing lists – so we never share entrant details with our promotional partners. It’s against our Privacy Policy, which is legally binding and something that we take very seriously. 

Promotions on the North Shore Mums website – whether they’re a competition or an exclusive offer – serve as an excellent mechanic of raising awareness and encouraging trial. Everyone loves a freebie or a special deal, so they always serve to create a lot of buzz and excitement.

However, one thing we DON’T want them to be used for, is data collection for our promotional partners. While we understand the need to have a direct line of communication, we don’t want to abuse the trust of our readers and dilute the impact or success of a promotion by requesting to collect data.

The North Shore Mums demographic is mainly educated women with a high income, and they’re particular about their privacy. Because we are so strict with the way that we conduct promotions and because we strive to always create the content they want to see, we provide a trusted environment to host promotions.

What about an opt in?

In the past, we have offered businesses the chance the let entrants ‘opt in’. On the entry form, we included a checkbox saying something like:  ‘Tick here to stay up-to-date with the latest from [COMPANY]’.

However, on average less than 5% of the time this box is checked – indicating a real need that people simply don’t want their email addresses shared with third parties. With such a strong majority, we no longer even offer this opt in as an option.

Any other options?

If database building is your sole focus of the promotional campaign, then you are welcome to use North Shore Mums as the place to advertise your promotion – and we will direct people to your website to enter. The page would include a prominent button saying ‘CLICK HERE TO ENTER’ or ‘GET THE OFFER’ where they would be redirected to your website. You would host the promotion, manage winner selection and the Terms & Conditions etc.

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