A new store that delivers to your door: SuperPharmacy!


When people fall sick, it’s not always at a convenient time! Dealing with unexpected illness can be tricky when you’re on your own with the kids or when it’s you who’s feeling the pain and you just can’t drag yourself into the car to get to the chemist! But there’s a way to get your goods delivered to your door. NSM Melissa Dibben tries the service  SuperPharmacy. 

When you’re a parent at home with a sick child, when you’re sick yourself, if you’re elderly, or simply unable to get to the pharmacy, you might not know that there is a solution!

SuperPharmacy allows you to order items online (yes, even prescriptions!) and have them delivered to your door.

My experience ordering online with SuperPharmacy was fantastic. From signing up, to ordering and to the unbelievably fast delivery, this is a service that is incredibly welcome if you can’t get out of the house.

SuperPharmacy allows you to order online (yes, even prescriptions!) and have them delivered.

Standard Ordering

My order was a fairly standard – mostly kid-related! Think your usual stock-standard cold and flu medicines and first aid. There was a sale on, so I took the opportunity to stock up on essential items! The range was good, and I didn’t have trouble finding what I was after – there were literally pages of results. When I was browsing to see what was available, I also came across some blog posts which covered everything from healthy school lunches to meningitis to strokes, so I was able to find interesting information I might not otherwise have seen.

Ordering Prescriptions

In what I think is a great move, you can also order scripts online. I didn’t order one this time around, essentially because I didn’t have one to hand, but I did look into how you’d go about ordering a script. Like most pharmacies, SuperPharmacy offer a service where you can leave your script with them if you’re a regular. If not, or if it’s your first time filling a script, you can just order it online and then send the script to them to be filled. I did look up a script that I have had in the past and found that it was almost $4 cheaper through SuperPharmacy than my regular chemist; something I’ll remember later! Also something to remember is that they are a compounding chemist. You never know when you’ll need one of those, particularly one that delivers.

Added Bonuses

There’s also a loyalty program which I think is handy if you’re a chemist regular. You can join when you sign up to the website (it’s free). You earn 1 point for each $1 spent and then you can exchange these points for a discount off future orders once a minimum amount is spent. It’s tiered, so the more you spend, the more you earn. As a parent of young children, and coming into winter, it’s pretty easy to rack up the points.

The Best Part? Delivery!

All the things mentioned above were really really useful and good to know. But, the best thing for me was the delivery and this was mainly for two reasons. Delivery is free is your order is over $50, otherwise it’s $8.95. Any prescription order will receive free shipping regardless of value.
I ordered after 6pm on a Tuesday evening. It was delivered to my door mid-morning the following day. To be honest, this was so impressive that even if I wasn’t happy with everything else, I’d order again just for those reasons. I recall all those times I was at home with two kids under 2 and having to drag them out to Westfield to get formula or Vicks Vaporub or Baby Panadol or to get a refill of Redipred – it was hard going. Now knowing that there’s a delivery service so the whole timing of naps, getting in and out of the car, and the pram palaver can be avoided, is really very welcome news.


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