A new mum shares: ‘Why I won’t be feeding my baby processed foods’

43218252 - young woman holding grocery shopping bag with vegetables standing in the kitchen.
43218252 - young woman holding grocery shopping bag with vegetables standing in the kitchen.

There are many approaches to the family diet. Personal Trainer Erin Wait, who is pregnant with her first baby, explains why she’s focussing on a healthy diet while her baby is still in her tummy!

I’m 7 months pregnant with our first baby and what an experience it has been so far! A lot of people like to offer advice and opinions to pregnant women, and to be honest I’m grateful for the advice that I have been given because some of it is has been wonderful and I can take as much or as little of it as I like. The one thing that does grind my gears is when people go against my personal philosophies, especially when it comes to nutrition. It’s so important to my husband and I that our kids eat healthy, nutritious food from the very beginning.

My husband is a nutritionist and we are both personal trainers. I believe we have pretty high standards when it comes to our nutrition and how we treat our bodies.


My husband and I both eat diet based around protein, good fats, carbs from veggies & fruit. We avoid processed food and eat as naturally as possible so why would I want my child to eat any other way? But when I explain my plans to raise my child the same way, I always get the same reactions.

What people say

  • “Oh you don’t understand”
  • “It’s so hard”
  • “They won’t eat that”
  • “You’ll give in”
  • “You won’t them to starve!”

When I hear things like this, I cringe because I know many mothers that give their kids extremely nutritious foods and have no problems at all.

Why would I want to give my kids unhealthy processed foods when my husband and I don’t eat them? Why would I reward my children with unhealthy processed foods? Why would I let them have something like that as a ‘treat?’. Don’t get me wrong Dan and I am NOT perfect and yes we sometimes will eat gelato or enjoy chocolate (dark 70-85% ha-ha) but we do try and buy the best quality with minimal ingredients. I believe that if you give your child something unhealthy they will have the ‘taste’ for it and then you’ll never hear the end of it. I believe that if I don’t start off right, my kids will never learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

You’re probably thinking ‘Oh c’mon, life’s short, aren’t you EVER going to give your kids something unhealthy?’ Well YES, of course that will happen, kid’s birthday parties are inevitable, where parents still buy pizzas, soft drinks, chips and lollies for the kids. But providing healthy meals on a regular basis is easier than you might think. I have family members and friends who give their kids amazing and nutritious meals.

Easy meal ideas:

  • Chia pudding with coconut milk and berries
  • Frozen full fat Greek yogurt with passion fruit and mango
  • Bolognaise on a bed of sweet potato
  • Baked veggie ‘chips’
  • Paleo style baking (using almond meal and raw honey)
  • Home made chocolate smoothies using cacao
  • Fruit & Nut mixes
  • Home made nut bars/bliss balls
  • Frittata muffins with bacon
  • Home made coconut milk ice cream with banana

So why would I go and buy shapes, muesli bars, cereal, flavoured milks and soft drinks? Why would I give my kids McDonalds as a special ‘treat?’

All these foods contain added sugar, preservatives, thickeners, emulsifiers, additives, trans fats and who knows what else. Most of these foods are made from chemicals and are usually on special at the supermarket! I’d rather spend an hour in the kitchen preparing food that’s nutritious, delicious and healthy! Yep, we will be a household without bread, milk or cereal!

Everyone has a choice and this is ours. No judgement, please.


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  1. Erin

    Hi Vicki,

    I wrote this article because so many people have judged me and made decisions for me without knowing my beliefs when it comes to nutrition. The article is is more to the point that as a new mum you get judged a lot and it’s hard enough going through all these emotional changes. Everyone has their own right and choice to make decisions for their children I’m simply saying these are the reasons why I’ll be making these decisions, I just want people to stop judging me.

    27 August 2016 at 7:48 am
  2. Vicki

    I don’t see any useful information in this article. It just seems to be a judgement on other parents who may take a few food shortcuts and are probably already hard on themselves for it. I’d love to see a follow up with this new mum when her bub is 6 months old and see if she’s mellowed and more understanding of the ups and downs of parenthood. At least some healthy meal ideas next time please!

    26 August 2016 at 10:00 pm
  3. Anna

    Hi, I couldn’t agree more with the healthy eating for your family. Feeding your family with vegetables, fish, poultry and cooking from scratch should be the way to ensure your kids grow up having an understanding what a healthy diet is. However, I’m concerned that you classify bread and milk in the unhealthy section. Given with moderation, wholegrain bread and milk is part of the diet that I share with my children, and (being French), this is not what I call being unhealthy. Fish and broccoli, Chicken with sweet potato mash, ratatouille are all easy meals without needing the help of coconut milk (quite fattening) and chia seeds, so let’s make sure our kids gets a balanced diet the real easy way.

    25 August 2016 at 7:45 pm
  4. Anna

    Hi, I couldn’t agree more with giving your children a healthy diet from the very beginning. Vegetables, fish, fruits are amongst our daily family diet, but so is bread and milk. I’m concerned to read that bread and milk is considered unhealthy as this, from my perspective, is far from being unhealthy when given with moderation. Great recipes ideas shared but simple meals like fish and green beans, chicken with mash sweet potato doesn’t have all the fancy fashionable ingredients but give the right amount of healthy food to the family.

    25 August 2016 at 7:32 pm
    1. Erin

      Hi Anna,

      This is article is my personal opinion as it follows how my husband and I eat, a lot of people judge me for what I eat and this is why I wrote the article. I believe it’s everyone’s choice to make the right decisions for their children.

      27 August 2016 at 7:45 am

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