Kids use tech to easily save precious family stories

Passing down family stories is a treasured tradition that keeps memories alive. And in this day and age, the options for recording your precious family history are easier and more accessible than ever before. Here’s the latest way technology is helping families share and preserve their stories for generations to come to enjoy.

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Bookform: How it works

Bookform harnesses new technology developed in Sydney that empowers kids to collect family stories, any language and photos, into online and printed family books. And it’s incredibly easy to use! Simply tell your story, add photos and print. You can rest assured that future generations of your family will be connected to yours, forever.

  • Voice-to-text: Speak stories into your online book
  • Collaborate: Others contribute stories and photos directly into your book
  • Print-on-demand: Share your book online, self-print, or order bound books

The Family Book Project: For Sharing Family Stories, Pictures and Memories

The Family Book project for sharing stories and photos

For this style of book, kids follow online template questions to interview family members about their lives.

“How did you get to school, Grandma?” “What do you remember about your wedding day, mum?”

Then grandparents, uncles, cousins (really, anyone’s spoken stories, in most languages) are instantly transcribed and formatted into your online book with a front cover, contents and chapters done for you.

Next, upload photos and tell the stories about the people and the events, so in years to come everyone can enjoy your precious family stories.

You can also invite others, anywhere in the world through an automated link, to contribute stories and photos directly into your book.  All contributions can be edited, rearranged or deleted.

Share your bespoke book online, post on social media, or print-on-demand and gift your book to family.

Check out an example of this type of book here: Harold Edwards

The Family Recipe Book: For sharing secret family recipes and celebrating cuisine

The Family Recipe book for recipes and special cuisine

The Family Recipe Book works by inviting family and friends to contribute, not only their favourite recipes, but also the stories and feelings that go with traditional cuisines and family celebrations (which is what Nikita created above).

“Papa why do you like those dumplings so much?” or “Aunty, what is the secret ingredient in your sauce?”

You can make sure all your family’s food, recipes, and stories are saved for future generations to enjoy as well.

Spoken stories and memories can be downloaded and saved along with the recipes, so whenever you make that food you can listen to your loved one speaking to you through the years.

Your digital book is available online for one year. Keep adding content, edit and share, then download and print when you’re ready. Your book content is private until you share and all copyright is yours.

Check out an example of this type of book here: The Family Recipe Book 

More than a book

Throughout the process, kids can bond with grandparents and extended family and acquire life skills through seeing their family as individuals, with lives and experiences outside of the family unit.

Kids develop a love for reading and writing, because they are the published author!

Start collecting your family’s stories today – and enjoy for a lifetime.

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More about Bookform

Founded by published author Carey Furze in 2016, Bookform was initially for seniors to use technology as a cognitive activity to save some of the stories of their lives into legacy books for their families. Unfortunately, seniors did not engage with the tech and said their families were not really interested. We all know that by the time grandkids are interested to know more, loved ones are long gone and adult children are too busy with work and life to help. So at the start of 2018 Bookform changed focus, with the added feature of voice-to-text, kids were now able to go and get the stories, so seniors feel appreciated and grandkids learn communication and valuable life lessons, while teaching their elders technology skills.

Bookform is also marketing The Family Book Project to schools as an independent learning project or fundraiser. Register your school’s interest:

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  1. Annika

    June 23, 2018 at 9:23 am

    I love this idea! To be able to use voice-to-text to record what your family says and it gets turned into text? That makes it sooo much easier than typing it all in. I want to engage all my extended family overseas to collaborate and make a family story. Thanks!

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