A day out at Kidtopia… the festival for families!

Kidtopia Festival takes family entertainment to the next level with their 3-day festival extravaganza. In 2017, the event was held from Friday 6 October – Sunday 8 October at Parramatta Park. North Shore Mum Maryka went along with her husband and three kids to enjoy as much fun as they could fit into one day! 

I spent my 20’s in the UK and I have great memories heading to music festivals every year! When I heard about Kidtopia, a festival aimed at families, I couldn’t wait to take my kids so that they could create their own festival memories!

Kidtopia is a 3-day festival (Friday to Sunday) held at Parramatta Park over the first weekend of October. It’s packed with live music, theatre, circus and delicious food. We headed to the festival on the Saturday. The kids were super excited and couldn’t wait – they love keeping busy and being entertained. But the festival wasn’t just for the kids – us adults had fun too!

When we arrived at the festival – the queue to get in was quite long, though it moved quickly and before we knew it we were inside. The first thing you come to is the Circus School Tent– it was jam packed with circus fun and adventure and kept the kids entertained as they made their way around and tried out all the equipment. There was a fun mix of activities from learning how to juggle, walking on stilts, balancing beams and hula hoops!

Next we headed to the Cinema Stage to watch Cardisty – an extraordinary card show from two 15 year old teenagers! The kids were completely mesmerized by their incredible skills!

We then explored the festival grounds to see what else was around. There were plenty of food trucks with lots of variety to keep every member of the family. Even with the number of people at the Festival, it was well laid out and it didn’t feel over-crowded or unsafe.

After lunch, we headed to play some Garden Games where we found lots of giant games of Lego, chess, jenga, connect four and marble runs. It was right next door to the bar so a well deserved vino and beer was enjoyed while the kids happily played!

Garden Games

Garden Games

Moving on we decided it was time to make use of our all day rides pass – all the fun traditional carnival rides were there but the highlight of course was the Ferris Wheel which was positioned at one end of the festival grounds and gave you an amazing birds eye view of the entire festival!

There were so many things to choose to do next that we decided to head to the main stage to chill out and watch some performances. It was great just sitting on the grass, having our slurpies and ice creams while we were being entertained by singers and dance troupes. The kids even got up to have a boogie to the music!

Next was the Le Petite Grand tent – where we watched Mr Gorski – a larger than life character who presented a fast paced routine with seemingly impossible tricks!

The Silent Disco was also lots of fun – dancing whilst listening to the music from headphones! We also went to the Craftworks tent where we got to make cardboard robots which of course we brought home with us!


One thing we didn’t do were the masterclasses as I was a bit slow to book some of the favourite ones for the kids – next year I’ll make sure I get in early. They looked like lots of fun and the kids really wanted to try them. Masterclasses included Code Camp, Hip Hop, Percussion, Magic, Science and Cooking Workshops. They are an additional cost to your ticket.

You can end the day at the Open Air Cinema but we were all too exhausted.

Kidtopia Festival is a whole day, there was so much to do (plus we didn’t get to do everything!) and it kept us entertained – kids and parents were exhausted by the end but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all. We can’t wait to see what happens next year!





Maryka Stalley lives in Pymble and is mummy to 3 gorgeous kids (Isabella 9, Jake 5 and Elliot 4). A North Shore girl since birth (apart from 8 years spent in the UK), she is the Promotions Manager at North Shore Mums as well as works with her husband at Derek Stalley Photography.

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