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Stage your property for sale: 6 easy steps

stage your property for sale
Staging your home doesn't have to cost a lot if you take advantage of these clever tricks

If you’re looking to stage your property for sale, you’re making a smart decision. The right aesthetics can strongly influence a potential buyer’s opinion, and hopefully had some zeroes to that sale price! But having a professional stylist decorate your home comes at a cost. If you want to try staging yourself (instead of paying someone), here’s how to do it, from the property experts at Century 21 Mosman.

Staging a home with the strategic placement of furnishings and including the latest trends can boost your home’s appeal. if you don’t have the budget to book a stylist (who may charge between $5000 – $7000 to furnish or decorate a 3-bedroom home over a 6-week period), try these six easy steps to get your home Open Home ready!

Staging home for sale

Stage your home for sale! Follow these few easy guidelines and you’re on the way to great results

Stage your property for sale: Six easy steps

1. Prioritise the right rooms

Remember the rooms that matter most to buyers. These rooms have the most visual impact when viewed by potential buyers and can add the most value. Focus on these areas, in this order:

  • Living room
  • Master bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Extra bedroom/s

2. De-clutter, then declutter, and declutter again! 

decluttered home

Aim for a space that’s minimally decorated, a place buyers can imagine themselves living in

Consider packing away at least 90 percent of your own décor and personal artifacts to achieve a streamlined, tidy home that’s warm and as well has a broad appeal. Skip stuffing the garage with your things and avoid constantly unpacking and repacking for open homes by hiring a storage unit offsite during the sale period. Store everything you can live without, which means family photos, books, CD’s. laundry items, bulky furniture, excess furniture, and knickknacks. Remove personal items from walls and fridges. You are trying to achieve a minimally decorated space, and a clean, clear area buyers can imagine moving in to.

TIP: Having everything stored away will make it iso much easier to keep these spaces clean!

3. Deep clean and de-smell your home

Everything must shine and sparkle!

  • Tired, dirty, or stained looking carpets should be professionally steam cleaned, and any rugs or furniture upholstery
  • Walls and doors should be wiped down with sugar soap
  • Windows cleaned inside and out (don’t be afraid to outsource or ask for a recommendation for professional cleaners who specialise in this kind of cleaning)

Something not to be overlooked, as silly it seems, is the smell of your home. All homes have a special smell, and we get used to how our homes smells, so it is a good idea to ask an outsider about any odours! Your real estate agent is the perfect person to ask. Let them assess if there is a ‘smell’ to the property that needs addressing. You would be surprised just how much smell can influence someone’s impression of your home. Rather than covering them up with air fresheners candles or potpourri. It’s far better to identify and remove the source!

The most common smells homeowners are unaware of are:

  • Pet odours
  • Food odours from cooking
  • Teenagers, often males
  • Cigarette or cigar smoke

4. Set the Mood

staging a home

Using coloured cushions or other inexpensive design accents can add value

You should stage your property so each room creates the right mood. Add fresh flowers, potted plants, attractive seating, welcome mats, matching décor, a bowl of fruit or even a display of quality sparkling water. Some vendors have bread baking during open times, as baking bread creates smells that invoke a welcoming atmosphere. It gives one feelings of hominess and warmth, creating favourable emotional responses to the property.

5. Farewell Furniture

Having less furniture makes a space appear bigger, so when you stage your property, plan to remove about half your furniture to give the impression of optimal space. Where you have mismatched or well-worn pieces, you’ll benefit from using stylish rentals,  borrowed pieces or even fake “pop-up furniture” during the sale period. A tatty couch can immediately devalue the whole living room, while a set of dirty sheets and scratched bedside tables take the shine off your bedrooms.

TIP: Use the ‘Floating Technique’, which simply means moving display furniture away from walls. Put a little space between furniture so it ‘floats’ away from the walls rather than being shoved against them. Anchor it all with an area rug.

6. Let there be light

Natural light

Stage your home for sale using natural light to enhance features

Your house should be staged and shining, so now make sure it’s shown in it’s best light!  Replace all light bulbs with new and brighter ones. Pull back curtains, lift all blinds. If you haven’t already, clean your windows inside and out. Clean windows allow much more natural light to shine through. Clean or update light fixtures and shades.

You only have one chance at a first impression. So, when it comes to selling what is probably your biggest asset. Give your home every opportunity to present at its best. By following these 6 easy steps you are increasing the odds of better results.

For more tips on how to maximise your properties value, contact a Century 21 Living Mosman Agent, who are available any time on 9968 1700 or [email protected].

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