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5 health and exerise tips fit for warmer weather

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The seasons are changing. We’re saying goodbye to cool weather and welcoming in the warmth. Personal Trainer Erin Goodare shares her tips for staying healthy.

1. Stay cool and hydrated

Try drinking two litres of water each day. It might sound like a lot, but if you break this up into two glasses at mealtimes you will easily keep yourself hydrated. Always carry a drink bottle with you when you’re out and about. And if you start to get hungry be sure to have a big drink of water, because sometimes it’s thirst you are feeling, not hunger pangs!

Try making these easy refreshing drinks on a hot day. Delicious!

Sparkling Lemon
1 glass of sparkling mineral water
2 tsp fresh lemon juice
Small handful of mint leaves

Lime & Cucumber
1 glass of sparkling mineral water
2 tsp fresh lime juice
3-4 slices of cucumber

2. Keep exercising

Take it outdoors and head down to your local pool, even an ocean pool, to do some laps while hubby looks after the kids on the beach or at a nearby park. You could also go for a hike, hire some kayaks or join an outdoor group exercise program. There is so much to do and the great weather will keep you motivated to want to be outdoors. Why not get your girlfriends together and come up with a weekly exercise goal like one of the above? You’ll feel great that your getting out and about while having a really good full body work-out!

3. Makes nibbles healthy!

Nibbles are where extra kilojoules can add up really fast. I love having nibbles and a glass of wine at a barbecue, but before I know it I can easily consume half a block of brie and a packet of Jatz crackers! Here are some really great ways to keep your nibbles healthy and satisfying.

  • Buy 100% natural dips if you can’t make your own, as many have added sugar, thickeners and vegetable oils. Harris Farm has a great range of dips, so read the labels and go for the ones with 100% natural ingredients and no additives – we like MonJay Mezza and Michael’s Fine Foods (read the labels even on these as not all are created equal).
  • Ditch the crackers, even the ones that stipulate ‘fat free’. Instead, use carrot, celery, capsicum sticks to go with your dips. It’s a great way to get extra nutrients into your body and, the best thing is, you can eat these all afternoon! Although, they will make you feel fuller much quicker, so you won’t end up eating a whole tub of dip while you’re at it.
  • Limit the amount of cheeses on the table – one or two maximum. In small amounts cheese is ok, and its really delicious, but when there is a plate of 4-5 types it’s easy to try a different one every time you go to nibble. Before you know it you may consume the equivalent of a whole block.
  • Consider placing an array of nibbles on a small plate or napkin so you can see how much you’re about to eat. This way you can pace yourself rather than going back and forth to the nibble selection without thinking about it.
  • Try this neat trick! Place some dip in the base of shot glasses or small jars, then stick in an array of your fave vegie sticks and serve.

4. Make healthy ice-blocks for you and the kids

The kids will love homemade ice-blocks and they can get involved in making them, too. All packaged ice-cream and ice-blocks contain a lot of nasty ingredients and are generally loaded with sugar as well, so here are a few great healthy and easy recipes for you to try at home.

Chunky Monkey Ice-cream
Place 2-4 frozen bananas in a blender along with ½ cup coconut cream (full fat so you and the kids will stay fuller for longer). You can also add a little shredded coconut for extra texture if you like. Blend and serve.

Watermelon Ice-blocks
Cut a large piece of watermelon into chunks and puree in a blender until smooth. Add 2 tablespoons lime juice and 2 tablespoons raw honey (optional) and blend to combine. Pour into an ice mould and freeze. You can pop these into a glass of mineral water to add summery flavour.

Mango Sorbet or Icy Poles
Blend 1 cup frozen mango with 1/3 cup coconut water to enjoy as a sorbet. For the Icy Poles, increase the coconut water to 1/2 a cup and freeze the mixture in ice-block moulds.

5. Eat plenty of seasonal Aussie produce

Seasonal, local produce is grown, picked and eaten at its peak and so contains optimal levels of health-boosting vitamins, minerals and trace elements. There are plenty of amazing fruits and vegetables in season as the weather gets warmer. We are loving fresh mangoes, blueberries, mandarins, watermelon, bananas, oranges, rockmelon, avos and Asian greens, just to name a few! A trip to your local farmer’s market on a weekend will reward you with lots of healthy yummy choices. And it’s a great way for kids to see fruit and vegetables outside of a supermarket!

For more health and exercise advice for warmer weather, visit Unearthed Vitality, or contact Erin at [email protected].

What things do you do to stay healthy as the weather gets warmer? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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