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14 Uses for Over-The-Door Shoe Pockets


I’m sure many of you have seen a couple of these ideas floating around the internet, but I know I have some ideas that will surprise you and change the way you look at over the door shoe pockets.


Use for cleaning supplies and those pesky odd socks! Of course, as a Decluttering Diva, I do not recommend that you have this many cleaning supplies on hand (it is just clutter!), but the idea is great.


2. Baby

Perfect for holding baby lotion, powder, wipes, breast pads and baby socks and shoes.

3. Girls Bedroom

These pockets are great for Barbie and her accessories. They are also ideal for any other small toys like Littlest Pet Shop. Another organiser would work also for all your daughter’s hair accessories. Here is my daughter’s organiser with a combination of all.


4. Boys Bedroom

The shoe pockets work well for action figures, cars and even Lego pieces.

5. Bathroom

As one of the smallest rooms of the house, the bathroom demands our attention for innovative storage ideas. If you would prefer not to have one on the back of the door, you could cut an organiser to size and hang inside the cupboard door. Organise the hair accessories, tooth brush supplies, makeup, bandaids, clean washcloths and more.


6. Kitchen

Pantries big and small have a habit of losing smaller items into a dark abyss. Bring these items to light, by storing them on the door – packet mixes, cookie cutters or other small utensils, snack food packets, herbs and spices and more. They could even be used to store drink bottles and travel flasks!


7. Study/ Craft room

The study is the place where everything that doesn’t have a home, seems to live. We put items here because we need access to them, but they never really have a spot.

Try using the shoe pockets for storing cords, charging cables, small gaming devices, random hardware items, stationary items, batteries etc.

Shoe pockets could also serve as perfect storage for craft supplies – those little packets of glitter or sequins, ribbons, thread, string, buttons, pipecleaners, stamps, paints, brushes, stickers, scissors, tape, textas, pencils or crayons… the list is endless, but at least now it’s organised.


8. Front Entry

As this is the last door you see before you leave for the day, this could be the perfect organisation solution for you to never forget things as you walk out. Keys, phones, diary, dog leads, scarf, sunglasses, sunscreen or bug spray and more could all be stored ready for action.

9. Bedroom

I know I like certain items to be on display and others to be in hidden storage. So try one of these ideas to enhance your available storage options and to suit your style.

A clear shoe pocket would be perfect for displaying your accessories – costume jewellery, scarves and belts so they are easily accessible to vamp your outfit. You might prefer it to sort your winter tights, or even your underwear.


For men, ties and belts are the perfect items for this inexpensive storage idea. 

If you are an avid reader this could be the place to house your paperback books.

10. Garage

Similar to the study, the garage can be a catchall for miscellaneous items. Mount a shoe organiser to a peg board or to the back of a door to store cords, cables ties, small tools, nails and screws, electrical tape, WD40, spare keys and padlocks.


11. Camping 

What about one in your camping kitchen? It’s the perfect spot to hold utensils, cloths, bug spray and other needed items. Keep them off the ground and make sure they are easy to access.


12. Garden

Hang one on a wall undercover to hold your gloves, spade, weeding fork, secateurs, packets of seeds, gardening hat and sunscreen. You could even use one to create and inexpensive vertical garden – perfect for herbs!


13. Car

Cut to size to fit the back of the seat, these make a cheap organisation solution for kid car clutter especially on longer trips. Pack snacks, books, gaming supplies, even comfy socks or eye masks for extended journeys.

14. Christmas

Why not make a custom advent calendar?


As you can see, if you think outside the shoebox (or over-the-door pockets) you can find many ways to contain, order and control the things in your house from becoming clutter.

Some things just work better when they are stored so they are visible and easy to access.

The key is to set limits to the space that hold your things and not exceed those limits. No one said you couldn’t max out your spaces storage potential though!


Now you’ve read all these nifty ideas for over-the-door shoe pockets, you might be wanting to get a few for around the home! I’d recommend getting a good quality ones from Howards Storage World for the heavier items, though the cheaper brands work fine too – such at Kmart, Target and the discount stores. Or shop online at fishpond.com.au.


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