10 delicious Grazing Boards to treat yourself (or a friend!) on the North Shore

Boujee Boards "Indulge Best of Both Worlds"

Grazing boards seem to be all the rage this lockdown, and it’s easy to see why! With so many delicious options to choose from, all packed full of a variety of yummy treats, there really is something for everyone. From savoury boards to sugar-packed dessert favourites, we’ve put together a round up on where to order in a delicious grazing board on the North Shore.

Looking to treat the whole family in lockdown? A grazing board is the perfect way to do it, and so many North Shore businesses have some amazing options to choose from! You won’t be able to scroll these delicious grazing boards on the North Shore without being at least a little tempted!

Boujee Boards

Grazing boards North Shore

The Boujee Breakfast

The Boujee Boards is a NEW luxury grazing board business. Started by a Lane Cove local, Lily who ensures each board is created to high standards with divine fresh produce. The Boujee Boards cater for all occasions small or large. Their 1 Metre grazing board is an essential “WOW” factor.

Most popular grazing boxes from Boujee Boards:

  1. The Boujee Breakfast: fresh French croissants, assortment of pastries, lurpak butter, fresh seasonal fruit, gourmet jams, Nutella & marmalade + more!
  2. Birthday Box: packed with delicious doughnuts, tim tams, kitkats, and oreos as well as a range of lollies including marshmallows, sour straps, and maltesers, this package is a true party in a box!
  3. Kids Fun Pack: bubbles, chalk, colouring in and other toys as well as fresh fairy bread, cookies and a variety of lollies.

Casa Grazing

Casa Grazing Grazing boards North Shore

The Grazing Box

Casa Grazing offers a range of delicious platters that can be customised for any occasion. You can even add wine to your order and bring your favourite bottle to your door. All produce is Australian made and is subject to change based on availability and seasonality.

Most popular grazing boxes from Casa Grazing:

  1. Grazing Box: 4 cheeses and 4 cured meats. Accompanied by olives, pickles, fresh Sydney honeycomb, seasonal fruit, nuts, fruit paste, crisp breads & baguette.
  2. The Signature Seafood Box:  all seafood is collected fresh from the Sydney Fish Markets on the morning of delivery, packaged and then delivered to you on ice ready for your day out on the harbour.
  3. The Vego Box:  3 cheeses and 4 marinated, charred or picked vegetables. Accompanied by olives, fresh Sydney honeycomb, seasonal fruit, nuts, crisp breads & baguette.

Food By Helen K

Grazing boards North Shore

Grazing Picnic Box

Food By Helen K has a range of cakes and grazing hamper boxes. Where possible, they prefer to use organic or biodynamic ingredients as they provide a deeper and more delicious flavours to their food. Their grazing hamper boxes are a selection of fine local produce and include selected Food By Helen K delicacies.

Most popular grazing boxes from Food By Helen K:

  1. Grazing Brunch Box: croissants, pastries, bread, avocado cream, smoked salmon, corn fritters, Greek yoghurt, honey, granola, fruits, green juice.
  2. Grazing Picnic Box: quiche, green olives, baba ganoush, hummus, goats cheese, deli meats, and more.
  3. Grazing Afternoon Tea Box: hot smoked trout, creme fresh, dill and lemon zest tartlets, avocado ceviche and sweet potato chips, sweet tartlets, fruits and more.

Let’s Graze Co.

Lets graze co

Birthday Grazer

Bringing delicious grazing platters, boxes, tables + cob loaf delights to the Illawarra, South Coast, Surherland Shire + beyond! Connecting loved ones, at the most special of moments, with creations that delight all the senses.

Most popular grazing boxes from Let’s Graze Co:

  1. Birthday Grazers
  2. Grazing Box
  3. Brunch Box

Sophie’s Platters

Sophies Platters Grazing boards North Shore

Chocolate Lover

Sophie’s Platters is a local and family friendly catering business operating out of Ryde. They offer unique and fresh antipasto, fruit, gift and dessert boxes. Each and every platter is sourced from fresh and seasonal produce, ensuring the best quality food is served to you! They cater for everyone’s wants and needs, with gluten free and vegetarian options available to our antipasto platters.

Most popular grazing boxes from Sophie’s Platters:

  1. Antipasto Platter: 2 varieties of dips (beetroot, hummus, tzatziki or taramasalata), 3 varieties of crackers, pitted sicilian olives, cheeses, fig/quince paste, bread sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, assortment of cold meats.
  2. Brunch Box: assortment of pastries, pineapple, red and green grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, nectarines, 2 varieties of dips, crackers, cheese and more.
  3. Chocolate lover: 12 chocolate dipped strawberries garnished with chocolate dipped pretzels. Also including 2 white chocolate ganache mousses and 2 dark chocolate ganache mousses.

The Wooden Platter

Grazing boards North Shore

Cheese & Wine Box

Grazing tables, boards and boxes for all occasions.

Most popular grazing boxes from The Wooden Platter:

  1. Cheese & Wine Box: Jacob’s Creek Sauvignon Blanc, double brie cheese, blue cheese, havarti slices, Meredith Dairy goat cheese, premium crudo prosciutto, hot Danish salami, caramelised onion relish, feta stuffed olives, chargrilled artichokes, roasted & salted cashews, dried muscatel grapes, Lindt chocolate, and lavosh crackers.
  2. Meat Lovers Box: triple brie cheese, vintage cheddar cheese, premium crudo prosciutto, mild sopressa salami, hot Danish salami, twiggy sticks, Lebanese hummus, caramelised onion relish, semi-dried tomatoes, feta stuffed olives, berry truss tomatoes, sweet baby capsicums, black grapes, dried apricots, roasted & salted pistachios, mini pretzels, milk chocolate bullets, gourmet crackers, and wafer crackers.
  3. Kids Party Box: tasty cheese cubes, cabanossi, Jatz crackers, green grapes, strawberries, fairy bread, popcorn, Maltesers, Trolli sour worms, rainbow swirl lollipops, and homemade vanilla cupcakes.
  • Website: thewoodenplatter.com
  • Suburb: Berowra
  • Suburbs for delivery: Upper North Shore and Lower Central Coast

Maggie Mae’s Platters

Grazing boards North Shore

The Sweetie Box

Maggie is a lactose intolerant cheese lover that is obsessed with everything “PLATTER”! Two years ago she created a grazing table for her family Christmas and fell in love with the whole process! From the sourcing of the produce, to designing the layout, the assembly of the graze and of course eating the finished product!

Most popular grazing boxes from Maggie Mae’s Platters:

  1. Mini Platter: 3 cheeses, 2 meats, 2 crackers, fruit, veg & nuts
  2. The Sweetie Box: key lime cheesecake or brownie batter dip, fresh seasonal fruit, homemade chocolate bark and an assortment of chocolate covered sweeties.
    • Website: maggiemaesplatters.com
    • Suburbs for delivery: 5km from Hornsby (in lockdown), Sydney wide (out of lockdown)

Wise Platter Co

Wise Platter Co

Breakfast Platter

Wise Platter Co is a luxury catering business that aims to bring your vision to life by designing and creating impeccable platters and grazing tables. Each platter is made with love and passion, using only the highest quality ingredients.

Most popular grazing boxes from Wise Platter Co:

  1. Date Night Box: Cheeses, deli meats, hummus, seasonal fruits, nuts, salted caramel chocolates and more.
  2. Breakfast Platter: Croissants, raspberry friand, almond friand, waffles, blueberry muffins, and more.
  3. Antipasto Box: Cheeses, deli meats, dried fruits, hummus dip, crackers and more.
      • Website:  wiseplatter.co
      • Suburbs for delivery: Northern Beaches, North Shore + CBD

Little Miss Platters

Little Miss Platters

Date Night Platter

Platters company on Sydney’s Northern Beaches selling date night boxes, platters and more.

Most popular grazing boxes from Little Miss Platters:

  1. Date Night Platter
  2. Party Deluxe Box
  3. Family Fun Box

Grazing Fix

Grazing Fix

Grazing Box

That special gift to thank clients, spoil loved ones or custom made for all celebrations – if you’re looking for a grazing board on the North Shore Grazing Fix have you covered! Their delicious & creative boxes can be delivered Sydney Wide as well as setup & styling for your special event.

Most popular grazing boxes from Grazing Fix:

  1. Grazing Boxes
  2. Fruit Boxes
  3. Dessert Boxes


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