10 COVID-Safe things to do with kids these summer school holidays

Bike Ride Narrabeen Lake
Go for a bike ride

With six weeks of summer school holidays ahead, and rising numbers of Covid-19 in NSW… you might be looking for fun things to do with your kids that have a lower risk of transmission. Outdoor activities are the best option! We share our top 10 things to do with the kids for a covid-safe school holidays. 

Whatever you choose to do these summer holidays, is entirely up to you. Whilst some of us are thrilled to have restrictions lifted and life return to ‘normal’, others are understandably worried about catching Covid-19, getting sick, having to stay home or passing it onto others. Being respectful of other people’s feelings and being kind is the most important thing we can do. If you’re looking for a Covid-safe school holidays, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking to get out and about to enjoy life in Sydney, we’re sharing some of our top suggestions of Covid-safe things to do with the kids these summer holidays.

As a general rule, activities that are outside and where it’s easy to keep apart from other groups are a good idea. If you’re meeting up with friends outdoors, be sure to keep your distance and sanitise your hands.

And of course, if you feel unwell, get tested and stay home. Don’t pass your illness, whether it’s Covid-19 or a simple cold, to others.

10 COVID-safe things to do with kids these school holidays:

  1. 15 water playgrounds around Sydney
  2. 14 harbour beaches & enclosed swimming areas
  3. 5 Stunning Rockpools
  4. Go to the zoo or a wildlife park
  5. 20 awesome parks
  6. 15 child-friendly bushwalks
  7. Best bike & scooter paths
  8. Child-friendly beaches
  9. Outdoor play ideas
  10. 115 activities to do at home

Outdoor fun

1. 15 Water playgrounds

Water play at Darling Harbour

Want to take your kids to cool off at a water playground? If you’re looking for Sydney’s best water playgrounds, then we have you sorted. Whilst there are none in the North Shore, plenty of our neighbouring councils have invested in water playgrounds, to provide an alternative to the beach or local pool on those hot summer days! Expect to find lots of fun water play features, like fountains, wading pools, taps and more. Click here to see 15 nearby water playgrounds to the North Shore.

2. Harbour beaches & swimming enclosures

Manly Dam

Manly Dam

Looking to get out and about with the kids and make a splash this Summer? We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to fabulous places to cool off, but the rough waves and endless stretches of sand aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for some family-friendly swimming spots that offer a bit more shelter, there are many harbour beaches and swimming enclosures on the North Shore just waiting to be explored. A few of our favs include Balmoral Baths, Clifton Gardens, Greenwich Baths, Northbridge Baths, Manly Dam and Winnererremy Bay. Click here to see the full list of 14 spots to visit.

3. Rockpools on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

Dee Why Rockpool

Love the beach, but prefer to stay away from rough waves? Rockpools are the solution! On a hot summer day in Sydney, take a trip to one of these shallow, protected ocean pools around Sydney’s Northern Beaches and maximise your summer fun. We love Queenscliff, Freshwater Beach, Dee Why Beach and North Narrabeen. See the full list.

4. Visit a zoo or wildlife park

A day at Australian Reptile Park

A day at Australian Reptile Park

Our zoos and wildlife parks have taken a huge hit over the last two years with Covid restrictions, so be sure to support these vital services and plan a visit these holidays! You’re in the great outdoors, there’s lots of open space and they all have Covid-safe measures in place.

Our Wildlife Parks provide such an important role when it comes to animal conservation and in the creation of much-needed antivenom, so plan a trip to Australian Reptile Park, Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park. Featherdale Wildlife Park or Symbio Wildlife Park. View the list of Wildlife Parks in Sydney.

Head to Taronga Zoo in Mosman to check out the baby lion cubs and super cute Pygmy Hippo. Or visit the new Sydney Zoo in Western Sydney, which is home to over 1,000 animals including a wide range of exotic and native animals, Australia’s largest Reptile and Nocturnal House and an aquarium.

5. 20 awesome parks

covid-safe school holidays

Livvi’s Place, Ryde

Parks are open for play, which means we can get the kids outdoors and running off a bit of that pent up steam for a Covid-safe school holidays. Not sure where to go? This list of 20 awesome parks right here on the North Shore will keep you busy these school holidays. Take a ball, scooters, some racquets and have a runaround. A bit of fresh air is the perfect antidote to all this extra time indoors. Click through to check out our post on 20 awesome parks on the North Shore you must try.

6. 15 child-friendly bushwalks

Berry Island Reserve

Beautiful bushland to explore at Berry Island Reserve

We are truly blessed here in Sydney with some amazing places to explore. So, while we may be in lockdown, that doesn’t stop you and the kids from popping on those walking shoes and checking out some of the kid-friendly bushwalks right here on the North Shore. Put together a scavenger hunt list for kids to tick off as they go, or have fun with a game of ‘I Spy’ as you make your way off the beaten track. There are so many different ways for you to enjoy, you could try a different one each day! Click through to check out our post on the best child-friendly bushwalks on the North Shore.

7. Best bike & scooter paths

Artarmon Reserve

Do your kids love zooming around on their bikes and scooters every chance they can get? While a ride around the neighbourhood can be lots of fun, if you’re looking for a little more entertainment these school holidays, head to one of the local bike paths. It’s perfect for all ages, and you can even sit right back and have a little break – with an ever-watchful eye as they zoom around. Even better, find a takeaway coffee place, and support a local business in the process. Click through to check out our post on best bike paths for kids.

8. Child-friendly beaches

Little Manly Cove

Little Manly Cove

Get active at the beach! While it might be a little cold for a dip in the ocean at this time of year, you can still take the ball, go for a long walk or pack the buckets and spades for a fun morning out at one of these on child-friendly beaches. This is your go-to list of beaches where you’ll find mild waves, parks nearby for some added fun, as well as the all-important bathrooms! Don’t forget to social distance throughout your stay, as beaches do tend to become the go-to place for many during lockdown.

Fun at home

If you want to stay home, there’s plenty of activities you can do with the kids to keep them entertained for a Covid-safe school holidays.

9. 102 outdoor play ideas

covid-safe school holidays

Frozen flower creations in egg shells

With the beautiful spring weather, you might be looking for fun things you can do outdoors in your garden or on the balcony! Discover 102 fun and creative outdoor play ideas to keep your kids nice and busy while in lockdown these school holidays. Whether you jump out into your own backyard or take a stroll to your local oval, there are plenty of ways to turn it into a day of entertainment. From making slime and volcano experiments to creating animal herb planters and frozen flower creations in eggshells, you’re sure to find something the kids will enjoy! We’re big fans of chalk games! Click through to check out our post on outdoor play ideas.

10. 115 activities to do at home with kids

DIY playdough

If it’s raining, keeping the kids entertained at home for two weeks isn’t anyone’s cup of tea. But with 115 activities to choose from, it won’t be too hard to pass the time – and have some much-needed fun in the process. From crafts & games to exercise, cleaning, home organisation and photography, local mum Daniela Minns has put together this amazing list to keep you going. Click through to check out our post on fun home activities with the kids.

Want more summer fun in Sydney?


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