NSM Essential Guide to Education & Tuition

As the new school year progresses, you might be starting to think about some extra tuition for your child – either to help them keep up with the school curriculum, or to give them the edge over their peers. Our Essential Guide to Education & Tuition is packed full of lots of fabulous options to get your child in their best form for 2018 and beyond… 

Pre-School Education

Early Learning World

NSM Offer:  Free trial class

Letterland is a proven, child friendly phonics program for teaching children valuable pre-reading skills. The interactive classes are 45 mins and run for 9 weeks during the school term. Your child will sing songs, play dress ups and complete their own drawing and craft activity as they become familiar with the wacky Letterland characters that enable preschoolers to more easily learn letters and their sounds. Parental participation is not required.

  • Location: Lane Cove
  • Suitable: 3.5 – 5 years
  • Speciality: Phonics
  • Website: www.elw.com.au
  • Contact:  Call Margaret on 0403 501 338

Primary School Tuition

Anytime Maths

NSM Offer: FULL ACCESS to Term 1 Anytime Course for FREE ($15 to cover printing and postage costs) AND once you’ve experienced how amazing the program is simply tell 2 friends who you think would love it too! (Term 2 Course starts 28 April, 2018)

Anytime Maths is an online learning platform who’s mission is to see kids enter High School confidently and enjoying Maths. The Anytime Learning Path has been designed to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom, without the distractions!

Students watch a video lesson taught by a highly experienced teacher, copy examples and complete questions on their own. Each week students submit an online Quick Quiz with detailed results emailed instantaneously to parents showing where weaknesses can be corrected by simply watching the video again with their child.  Anytime Maths – Making Maths Simple Again!

Leap into Literacy

NSM Offer:  Free trial class, includes a free assessment. 

Leap into Literacy provides small group classes with a focus on reading comprehension and writing. Using techniques that allow students to become creative in the learning process, sessions are fun and achieve maximum results. Classes are held after-school and Saturdays and are available for children in Years K-6. See what parents are saying about our unique classes and why we are “Reading, Writing, & Creativity!”

  • Locations: Chatswood, Drummoyne, Birchgrove, Willoughby Public School and Annandale North Public School
  • Suitable: Years K – 6
  • Specialty: Creative Writing and Reading Comprehension
  • Website: www.leapintoliteracy.com.au
  • Contact: Email [email protected] or call Allison on 0420 734 720

JPA Tutoring

NSM Offer: Free trial session to ascertain whether the match is suitable between student and tutor.

Plus, for every friend you recommend to JPA Tutoring, you receive one free session (the new student must undergo at least 2 sessions with JPA Tutoring for the free session to be activated).

JPA Tutoring is a one-on-one, in-home tutoring service with complete session flexibility. They individually match every student to their ideal tutor, taking into account a range of factors, including personality, learning style, strengths and weaknesses across all subjects. Tutors are extremely high quality, undergoing a vigorous screening/assessment procedure, coming from a range of academic and educational backgrounds. Sessions can conducted in any configuration (e.g. weekly, twice a week, only leading up to assessments), with no obligations.

  • Locations: North Shore & Eastern Suburbs
  • Suitable: Primary & High School
  • Specialty: All areas of the current curriculum. Tutors can tutor multiple subjects in a wide variety of combinations
  • Website: www.jpatutoring.com
  • Contact: Call or text James on 0431 901 960 or email [email protected]

Resilience in Kids

Resilience in Kids offers coaching to children and parents to strengthen children’s resilience. One-to-one packages consist of 4, 60-minute sessions that take place within the home. Child one-to-one packages also include a free 30-minute call with the parent/carer. Group packages include 10, before or after school workshops (children) and 4, 90-minute evening sessions (parents). This is not therapy or counselling – it is about providing children with the skills and coping strategies to strengthen their resilience, and their parents with the skills, knowledge and confidence to become their child’s Resilience Coach.

Smart Moves

NSM Offer: Receive your first lesson free! 

In today’s student world of smartphones and sports, it is easy to lose focus on your academic career. With over 30 local academic professionals to choose from, Smart Moves will help match, then guide your student through the pitfalls and hurdles in their preparation for their HSC. With nearly 15 years of helping students, Smart Moves understand you really have to have a like-minded and ideally inspirational mentor to guide you! Conveniently located at Roseville train station find a little community of tutors with a refreshing approach to learning and advancing your knowledge.

  • Location: Roseville
  • Suitable: 5+ years
  • Speciality: Primary, High School, HSC, SAT, UMAT, GAMSAT
  • Website: www.smartmoves.com.au
  • Contact: Call 9416 4222

Homework Collective

NSM Offer: Refer a friend and both receive 10% off term booking (10 sessions)

Homework Collective is an initiative to get homework out of the nag & drag and into a positive & productive space! Sydney Therapy Co are professionals working in the area of language & literacy as well as organisation, planning & time management  and want to see kids have a healthy growth mindset about homework. The Homework Collective philosophy is to teach children a growth mindset so that they may gain life skills at the same time that will mean more than homework.

  • Location: Lane Cove
  • Suitable for: 5-18 years
  • Speciality: Primary and High School students
  • Website: sydneytherapyco.com.au
  • Contact: Call 0449 619 182

Want even more options? Check out our dedicated Education & Tuition category in the NSM Directory. 

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