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Business Category: Shopping and Home

  • My name is Sheridan Hodges and I am a Norwex Independent Consultant.

    Norwex is committed to improving quality of life by radically reducing the amount of chemicals in our homes.

    Norwex will:

    • SAVE Time – Norwex products dramatically decrease cleaning time
    • SAVE Your Health – With Norwex products, you don’t breathe, touch or ingest harmful chemicals
    • SAVE the Environment – Safer, more natural ingredients help protect and sustain our environment
    • SAVE Money – An average household spends $600 – $800 a year on chemical cleaning products and supplies.

    You will love Norwex if you:

    • are very particular about cleaning and after great results!
    • are time poor, hate to clean and want to spend less time doing it!
    • want to save money
    • are concerned about harmful chemicals in your home
    • are struggling with allergies.

    Hosting a Norwex Demonstration is a great to find out how to make your home a Safe Haven for your family.

    Click here to read the NSM review of Norwex.

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  • 0 Reviews on “Norwex”

    1. Emily Norwex

      Introduced to Sheridan and Norwex a few months ago, and just LOVE the kitchen cloths! I am a Thermomix consultant and nred a super absorbant towel for cleaning the bowl and nothing could compare to how well this works! The Blue Diamond bathroom cleaner is the best, we moved to a new rental home with a very questionable smell from the bathroom sink. I had tried everything I could think of to get rid of it..First clean with a tiny amount of this gel and it was gone and has never returned! Will definitely be converting the whole house as I go! Sheridan is so easy to reach and she is super helpful and quick to get orders through. Thanks for making me a convert!

    2. Alex Norwex

      I can’t thank Sheridan enough for introducing me to Norwex. The products are amazing. They make cleaning so quick and easy and it’s great not to be spraying chemicals around the house. I still can’t believe that all I need is water and the Norwex cloths! As part of the demo I had, Sheridan cleaned my oven (yay!) and I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was!! Until now it’s been an overnight job breathing horrible chemicals and taking quite a bit of effort. Not anymore.
      Sheridan is a wealth of knowledge about her products and isn’t pushy at all. She loves her products and loves her job and that shows through in her demos. As for the products, they sell themselves!

    3. Jakki Norwex

      I was in the process of moving house when I was introduced to Norwex by Sheridan. I was after a cleaning system that would make moving out of a rental so much easier without all the harsh chemicals. My husband and I were thrilled with the results. Armed with a bucket of water and our enviro cloths we cleaned the house from top to bottom, windows included, it looked better than when we moved in! Sheridan even offered to come and clean my oven for me with her amazing products. I have also bought some body cloths and am impressed with the results. Sheridan is a great consultant, she doesn’t push you to buy buy buy, offers lots of advise as to which is the best cloth for your needs, and sends them home with a full page of instructions . They aren’t that expensive either. I highly recommend Norwex and Sheridan Hodges.

    4. Maria Norwex

      Highly recommend Norwex, I am particularly fond of the window cleaning cloths. The fact that all you need is water to wash the windows is fabulous. There are absolutely no smear marks and completely safe for my 7, 4 & 2 year olds to use too. The windows just seem to stay cleaner for longer – such is the magic of Norwex. The tea towel is just amazing! So absorbent and again, no smears on any glassware. Sheridan is just lovely and a wealth of information on all things Norwex.

    5. Emma Norwex

      I cannot rave highly enough about Norwex or thank the lovely Sheridan enough for introducing me to Norwex products. They are easy to use cloths and mops, nothing needed apart from water so no chemicals to either breathe in or leave residues on the floor/surfaces. But above all it cleans even better than any of those old products ever did. Absolutely streak-free everything! I love the mop so much I actually chose to mop the floor now every few days and it is so quick to swish swish with water and it is done and dry in minutes. We’re off on holidays next week and I am seriously considering bringing my kitchen cloths as I am not sure I can go back to the chux that will be in the apartment! Thank you Sheridan also for being really great with advice on the best products and how to maximise purchases too to get the best value! <3 your work!

    6. Chris Hooton Norwex

      I am so happy that Sheridan introduced me to Norwex. I used to be an advertisers dream and tried every new spray and wipe on the market! Now I only use my Norwex cloths and water and my house actually feels cleaner. Not only am I saving money by avoiding the cleaning aisle in the supermarket I’m also happy that I’m not spraying chemicals around my home.
      It was very easy to host a Norwex party and my friends were all impressed with the Norwex products too. Sheridan is very knowledgable about Norwex and not at all pushy for sales. She really doesn’t need to be as the products sell themselves!